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So far this fall….

October 10, 2010

So, before I got around to starting this blog, I actually made a couple of things! Just a couple though. Because sadly, when one has a new baby? One is REALLY LUCKY to be able to even thread the sewing machine, let alone actually SEW anything with it. And lets not even talk about the serger. (Actually, I still kind of think I wasn’t trying hard enough…but eh, it was summer. And I am pretty smitten with the little guy, so you know).

BUT, I did manage to get a couple of things done.

The first is a dress I made for a friend’s new little girl. It’s a summer dress, which I think will be SUPER USEFUL for her since it’s now October. In Canada. Wheee. But it’s okay! The top is super stretchy, so I think she should be able to wear it even next summer with shorts or capri leggings or something like that.

This dress is a really simple elastic thread sundress. There are lots of tutorials available for using elastic thread – see here and here. (Note that if you’re looking for a great pattern to make a number of different elastic thread sundresses, Dana has a great one for sale – I’ve used this a lot).

I made this dress from two different fabrics – a really soft brown four way stretch jersey for the top, and a light seersucker for the bottom and the straps. To make the top, I used the rolled edge function on my serger with a pink wooly nylon to make a lettuce edge on the top and bottom of the bodice. Then I ran lines of pink stitching with elastic thread in the bobbin to gather the top. Then I stretched the top to fit the length of the seersucker and sewed the bodice over the stripes (with about 1/4″ of overlap).

Then simply hem the dress and make four straps that tie for the top of the dress. Note that I used the woven fabric for the straps – you could use the jersey, but because it’s so very stretchy I think that the straps might stretch out too much.

Simple! And because it’s so stretchy I think it will fit my friend’s daughter as a top when she’s older. (Here’s hoping anywhere – see: Canada, October).

One other small project I HAD to finish were the curtains for my son’s room. (I had every intention of finishing these BEFORE he was born but…failed. In my defense, he showed up a month early. But still).

Thankfully, I had all the fabric, and I’ve made SO MANY curtains for our house now, I pretty much can make them in my sleep. So I finally had an evening where Sam was asleep and I was not – so I knocked these out. They are dead simple lined panel curtains, and I simply used rings with clips on them to attach the panels to the rod.

Hm. Lined panel curtains are something I can totally do a tutorial for sometime. If this is a burning question for anyone, let me know and I’ll put one together!

Here are Sam’s curtains:

They need a little more time to hang and “fall out” a bit – but they came together nicely in his room.

As a weird bonus, I happened to find fabric that matches the fabric I used for my daughter’s curtains – which I made three years ago!


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  1. Angela permalink
    October 14, 2010 1:10 am

    Love the curtains in Sam’s room- they were made to match there! Matched better than Ani’s did, but they look great in her new room! I also truly feel the need to find Ani some ANI letters for her window in coordinating colours – call me crazy…:o)

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