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Halloween: A Retrospective

October 14, 2010

I really started sewing more when Anika was about 9 months old, in preparation for her first Halloween. I sewed some before that, which I liked…but it was more things like quilts or easy gift bags; things like that. Fun, to be sure, but not clothing – and certainly not clothing I would expect people to wear in public (eeek).

When we started approaching Ani’s first Halloween, I thought “Huh. It would sure be fun to sew her something to wear rather than buying something…” And then I spent some time justifying it and finally decided to just go for it already. I figured even if it looked like crap, my nine month old was adorable and it was, after all, a Halloween costume. Not something I expected her to wear a lot, or that I’d have to wash a lot, or anything like that.

So I made her a sheep.

And you know, it came out pretty well. (Sidenote: Just spent two full minutes staring at this picture and trying to work out a way to go back in time and chew on her cheeks a little. So far I haven’t come up with anything brilliant, but stay tuned).

I look at it now and it’s…well, it’s okay. It came together fine and I figured out how to get the cuffs on nicely and things like that. But the velcro to do up the back is a little screwy, and the seams aren’t finished very nicely and…it’s easy to be critical in retrospect, and in fairness this did exactly what it needed to do. But I think I could do it better now.

The next year, when she was not quite two, she was a bee.

THAT was my first foray into tutu making and I will TELL YOU FOR FREE that it’s not fun, and also? There will be tulle ALL OVER your house for many many months after making it. It does not matter HOW many times you clean. The funniest part about this costume is that she was totally terrified of the tutu. When I first showed it to her, she cheerfully put on the bee dress, and the tights, and the headband….and then she picked up the tutu, put it on the couch, and put pillows over it. I think somewhere through the day at her daycare/montessori, they convinced her to wear it – and THEN she thought it was okay. But it did take some doing!

I think the bee costume came together a little better than the sheep did – the seams are stronger, and straighter, and I think the end look was a little more polished. If I was doing it today there are things I would do differently but I think this one was pretty good.

Last year, when she was not quite three, she wanted to be a butterfly. The costume pattern she chose was….not so much “butterfly” as “tinkerbell”, but I figured eh, why not – we’ll make the pretty dress, put some wings and bug antenna on her and call her a butterfly. (This suited her JUST fine).

This costume was – dare I say it – easy. the dress was straightforward, even with the forty different types of extra! special! shiny! glittery! fabric! It came together really cleanly.

I think the biggest differences I’ve noticed over the three years I’ve been doing this is that I’m SO MUCH FASTER at making this stuff. It’s confidence, I guess, or maybe it’s just some basic skill that’s been developed – but I swear that sheep took me like a MONTH to put together, and I’m pretty sure I knocked the butterfly together over the course of a few days.

And this year….well, we’re going to save that for another post since it’s not quite done yet. But lets just say, there are sequins. (SEQUINS. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.)


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  1. Hubby permalink
    October 14, 2010 6:46 pm

    I want a preview picture of this year’s costume! Then instead of just seeing the finished product, the sequence of development gets shown. Please?

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