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November 7, 2010

A couple of weeks ago Anika decided that she would like to make dinner. I said sure. (Me, to Brandon later – “Do you ever feel like you’ve used up *all* of your good parenting moments for the week…and it’s only Tuesday??”)

She had very definite ideas about how she wanted things to go – she wanted to do ALL of it by herself, and she wanted me to just be there to tell her what to do. Fair enough.

We decided on pizza, since it’s a little more forgiving than, say, coq au vin.

We’ve been loving a recipe for a chicago style deep dish pizza lately, so that’s what we went for. While she was having her quiet time after school, I hauled out the ingredients for everything and did a few things that I knew there was no WAY I would let her do herself (i.e. anything involving a knife – guys, she’s three. I’m willing to let her experiment but lets not be silly).

When she got up, she got to work. First she made the dough. I measured the yeast for her, and she measured all of the other ingredients. She’s got the hang of raising and lowering the bowl for the mixer, and turning it on carefully, so that was all good. (I didn’t get pictures of that because with the flour flying around I figured better to leave the camera out of the mix!). Once the dough was rising we moved on to the sauce.

I’d already grated the onion for her, and opened the cans of sauce and paste – she peeled and crushed the garlic….

….and mixed everything together.

Once the sauce was done, we discussed what she might like to put on her pizza, and she decided that tomatoes would be good. So she headed outside to the tomato plants and rescued the few hearty souls that were still clinging to the plants at the end of October!

When the dough was ready she rolled it out….

….and then added the cheese, sauce, and tomatoes.

Then we cooked it!

It was awesome. She did a wonderful job with the whole thing. It was messy, sure, and it took more effort from me…but I think doing that once in a while is worth it. She was incredibly proud of herself. The cool part (which I did not connect at all at the time) was that later that evening she said to me “Mommy, I served you and Daddy!” I said “Yes, you sure did.” She then told me that they’d learned about serving others at Sunday School that week…I don’t know if she’d thought about ways to serve us and decided she wanted to cook because of that, or if she realized after the fact that it was a way of serving….but I am really impressed at what “sticks” with her, and how she uses what she’s learning.

(And for those keeping score at home, I totally used up my good parenting moments for the week. Oh well…).

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