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The Mighty T-Shirt Part 4: Success!

November 15, 2010

Okay, anyone who slogged through my last post that talked about how I adjusted my pattern TOTALLY gets a cookie. It was a little convoluted.

But you know what? IT TOTALLY WORKED.

I used the pattern to cut out a new blue velour masterpiece (ahem). This time when I stitched it together I did a four thread overlock instead of three thread – and it made for MUCH more solid seams – no gaps; no obvious weaknesses. Awesome. I actually spent some time reading later and realized that my problem wasn’t the three thread overlock – it was simply that I was using the needle on the right instead of the needle on the left (so I was sewing with two narrow a seam allowance basically).

This time I also just overlocked the neck edge and left it alone, and then on the sleeve and bottom hems I overlocked them and then used my regular machine with a double needle to do a small hem. I think that will look better on material that is not velour – but I did like how it finished it.

So here’s the shirt, finished!

It’s a little more fitted; a little better fit across the shoulders – but still a straight up t-shirt.

Can we ignore the hair in the next picture? I was playing with the self timer on my camera and Sam was crying.

And here’s the shirt from the back, with a cameo by Sammo (no longer crying :).

I am very excited now to use this pattern and make a shirt out of something that is NOT blue velour. I should have pictures of a new shirt to post in a day or two (I hope!) and then we can stop beating this dead horse and move onto trying out some patterns based on this pattern. Fun!!

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  1. Cal - yer mom! (aka, Gran) permalink
    November 15, 2010 3:19 am

    Looks great!!! And so do you. And so does Sam.

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