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Five Months

November 30, 2010

My little Sammo Kablammo is five months old. Actually, that was true twelve days ago. Now he is five months and twelve days old. And completely AWESOME.

Seriously, I know I’m biased but COME ON.

(That is bear, by the way, under his face. Bear is his BUDDY. We love bear. We like to faceplant on bear. Repeatedly. It’s funny apparently.)

He’s so much fun right now. He laughs all the time – he’s just a big ball of happy. For some reason, nothing makes him laugh quite so much as taking off his shirt to change him. That is hi-frickin-larious. I…do not know why. He is cute though.

He desperately wants to crawl but can’t quite work it out yet. He kind of flaps. And he isn’t really strong enough to get up on all fours. He thinks it’s a LOT of fun to try.

He can’t sit up yet – he tips over an awful lot. He can usually sit for a few seconds at a time but then kind of drops forward onto his legs or tips to the side. Thankfully he also thinks this is funny.

He LOVES the bath and pretty much wants me to let go of him so he can just splash freely already DARN IT MOM. I need to get this kid into swimming lessons.

He was a sheep for Halloween – I pretty much put the sheep hat on him and a white sleeper. It worked!

He’s REALLY figured out toys this month – I can put him in the high chair with a bunch of toys on his tray and he will bang them and flap them and roll them and generally have a grand old time with them. He also cries when Ani takes his toys away from him, which I also think is incredibly cute. I’m finding it impossibly interesting that no matter what the kid seems to always go for the car first. I can put forty-six things on his high chair tray and he’s all about the car. He also likes his plastic keys and will bang them non-stop until he drops them (at which point he cries.  Baby.).

Actually, the way I figured out that he could grab onto stuff was in the car one day – I’d asked Anika sixteen trillion times to be quiet and for some reason there was STILL this rattling and banging coming from the backseat. I looked back and there’s Sam, holding his little dragonfly guy that’s attached to his carseat, SO PROUD of himself for getting the ring and hanging onto it. For the first week or two it would take him like half an hour to manage to get his hand on the thing but now he’s a pro.

He can roll front to back. He actually scared the living daylights out of me by doing THAT little trick for the first time at five weeks old. Aeeeiiiii!!! My working theory is that he’s kind of tall and not that heavy for his age, so he had some leverage to throw himself around a bit more than Anika did…but still. AEEIIIII!!!!

He’s become quite the conversationalist – he will sit there and earnestly “guh!” and “Aboo!” and “glarglargh!” at you for quite a while – it’s pretty funny. We took him on his very first trip to Boston this last weekend and for all eight hours that he was in his carseat he was either sleeping, playing with his toys, or “ABOO-ing” for all he was worth. It was great.

This boy is a total joy. This boy just about makes my heart stop every morning when he looks at me and grins. It’s totally “Oh hey! It’s you! You came back! Hello!!”

He is a cuddler and he LOVES to snuggle with me. He’s so interested in the world and in everything going on around him that it makes me want to put him in a sling and staple him to me because this guy is going to GO places as soon as he can figure out how to do it and I…am just not ready for him to go anywhere yet.

This morning Brandon dressed him for me while I dropped Anika at school. I do not know for sure how this happened but it was funny enough that I left him that way for the day. (The crying is because I would not let him have the camera. He got over it.)

Can you see it? Here, I’ll flip him over – maybe this will help.

B somehow got his onesie on him backwards. And not just any onesie – a onesie with a whole lot of visual cues. Like, oh, the pocket that is supposed to be in the front. Or the elbow patches – which are not so much on his elbows in this picture. Not judging….just….amused. Very very amused. As are all of the other mothers at Ani’s ballet class. Ahem.

Five months is fun. Boys are fun. I had no idea.


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  1. Angela permalink
    November 30, 2010 12:39 pm

    Great post – great pictures!!:o)

  2. December 1, 2010 12:06 am

    Awww. Happy five-month-and-12-day birthday Sammo!!! xoxoxoxoxo. So cute, love the pics! 🙂

  3. Hubby permalink
    December 1, 2010 2:49 pm

    Hey, all I can say is that putting a long sleeve shirt (onesie) on Sam can be as hard as wrasslin’ a gator. I saw that the thing was on backwards when I tried to do up the buttons (btw, girls’ baby clothes often do up in the back!). But I figured you would fix it at next diaper change. No, instead you take pictures and poke fun of me 😉

  4. December 3, 2010 3:47 pm

    Cute…happy to see him so big ang bubbly. Funny about the onesie…

  5. Cal - yer mom! (aka, Gran) permalink
    December 3, 2010 8:49 pm

    Oh Sam. You are so adorable. When are you coming to see me again? I would change your shirt, and everything! (Don’t feel badly Brandon; I do things like that. I’m the one who messed up Christy’s first birthday cake!)

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