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6 months and…entirely too many days

January 2, 2011

Sammo Kablammo is six months old!

How the heck did that happen? I swear he was just born.

I love this age so much. I think there’s a fair chance I say that about most ages…but it’s really so much fun. One of the coolest things about Sam right now is how much he adores Anika. Well, he really adores everyone – he’s a totally affectionate little guy – but he really adores his sister. He just lights up every single time she’s around, and it’s so fun to watch.

We kicked things off this month by taking the little guy to Boston for US Thanksgiving, as I think I’ve mentioned. We do a lot of driving as a family, and generally we don’t even think much about it – just kind of throw stuff in the car and go for it. It occurred to me in the days before our trip that I hadn’t actually tried to take quite that long a trip with a baby as young as Sam….Boston is about an eight hour ride for us (give or take) and the first time we did it with Anika she was little (11 months maybe?) but old enough to toss a cracker to over the backseat in a pinch. Sam is still exclusively breastfed so….more complicated!

But eh, how bad could it be – after all, it’s only eight hours. Well, I am here to tell you that Sammo is truly one of “us”. He was totally into the car trip – played with his toys, chatted away to Ani – was an absolute joy really. The only time he really fussed was when he was tired, and he’d go to sleep within five minutes of getting cranky. The drive was seriously easy – I think I nursed him twice, and once corresponded perfectly with lunch. All very very good. We had a great time.

This last month has been largely dominated by Ani-activities. Holiday time means school concerts, ballet open classes, and Ani’s birthday that kind of dominate the landscape. But Sam comes along for the ride and generally maintains his status as happiest baby on earth for most of it. Watching him at Anika’s ballet class was one of the funniest things – he loved it. He literally sat there in his carseat for the entire hour just RIVETED by what the girls were doing and the music. We were pathetically grateful of course, since it meant we could actually watch too.

Sam got to come skating with us a couple of times – we are fortunate enough to be able to just bring him on the ice in his stroller. I can’t decide if he likes skating particularly, or if he simply likes being in his stroller – but either way he doesn’t mind skating and generally just goes to sleep out there.

I heard Sam’s first real deep belly laugh this month – the kind of laugh where he was falling over because he was laughing so hard. Anika was playing with a balloon she got at her birthday party – she was just tossing it up in the air and batting it around the living room. Dude thought this was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his entire life. He was literally collapsing he was laughing so hard. It was awesome.

Sam is a really affectionate little guy – I swear he gives hugs and kisses regularly. Sometimes this is rather painful but it’s still pretty great. It’s a pretty frequent occurrence that I’ll pick him up out of his crib and he’ll grab the sides of my face (or my hair, or my neck, or whatever else he can get his hands on) and plant one on me. It’s usually very wet and slobbery, but so adorable. I’d say he’s just trying to chew on something because of the teething or something more normal like that….but this is actually really different. He will chew on my hand/nose/face/whatever when he’s teething, but this is really more of a kiss – it’s quick and he only does it when he’s really happy to see me. It’s fantastic.

He “helped” decorate the tree before Christmas, and by “helped” I mean “gazed adoringly at Anika while she hung 85% of the ornaments on the lowest branches.” I seriously cannot get enough of watching the two of them together – he just LOVES her, so much.

Happy 6 months little guy!

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  1. Hubby permalink
    January 2, 2011 7:09 pm

    Happiest baby I know of… 2010 was a joyful year. Here’s to an even better 2011!

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