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Hey! I’m kind of a jerk!

January 18, 2011

Know whose birthday I totally meant to blog about on, oh, SATURDAY and didn’t?

THAT’S RIGHT – my baby brother is the ripe old age of twenty-six.

Travis is 9 years younger than me, which pretty much meant that until recently we spent most of our time in Really Different phases of life. I was dating; he was playing in the sandbox. He was playing with Transformers; I was….oh no wait, that was me. I like those things.


Travis came home from the hospital on my 9th birthday. I was REALLY ticked off because everyone kept saying “Oh what a nice birthday present! A new brother!” and I was completely mad because I thought that was the ONLY present I was getting. (It wasn’t, as it turned out – my father, a rock star if ever there was one, somehow managed to whip together a birthday party for me on the DAY my mom and Travis came home. Amazing.).

When I was in highschool and doing my homework and Travis was five, he used to run around the dining room table and bug me (as five-year olds are wont to do). I started painting a T on his hand in whiteout and telling him that magically transformed him into a superhero called T-Man, and that he could go and fight crime. He totally bought it. (Also, what chemicals are IN whiteout anyway?? Can you put that crap on skin? Mom? Where were you??).

Anika is completely besotted with Uncle Travis. Oh, she’s trouble – she plays hard to get sometimes – but she really adores him. And Travis is cool because he has almost endless patience with her (a feat few have accomplished) and he remains completely unfazed when she says things like “I want Uncle Travis to take me potty!!”

He’s a great sport and a great Uncle.

(We’re *fairly* certain that Uncle Travis also likes Sam; unfortunately Sam would have to get past Anika in order to GET to Uncle Travis so until he’s mobile he doesn’t stand much of a chance.)

Enjoy 26 T-Man – it was one of my favourite years ever.

Sorry your birthday post is late!

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  1. Cal / Gran permalink
    January 18, 2011 4:06 pm

    Awwwww! When he gets up ( ’cause we all know Uncle Trav sleeps late) I will make sure he sees this! As you know, I work across the hall from him.

  2. T-Man. permalink
    January 18, 2011 10:42 pm

    AWWW. Thank you!

    No, I feel like a jerk for being completely too late getting your message of you all making my day and singing happy birthday to me! Thank you so much! 😀

    And those are some classy pictures, I’m not gonna lie. Geocaching = Far more fun than I gave it credit for.

    (Yeah, Sam’s alright, I guess…..) 😉

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