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7 months

January 24, 2011

My boy is now seven months old.

SEVEN. Months. That’s crazy talk. Wasn’t he just born??

He is beyond fun. He’s also a pain in the butt sometimes but you know – kids are supposed to be like that, right?

This has been a really big month for Sammo – he had his first Christmas, he started solid food, and he figured out how to sit up!

He’s a really exuberant little guy – he loves to give giant hugs and kisses, and will grab any part of your hair/face/ear/whatever to drag your face next to his so that he can kiss you.

The *problem* with this is that, well, I spend a lot of time bleeding because no matter how often I convince Brandon to cut his nails (nail cutting scares me – can’t do it), they are SHARP. So we’ve been working on “gentle”. I tell him to be gentle and pat his cheek gently, and then show him how to pat my cheek gently, all the while parroting “Gentle! Gentle Sam! Seeeee? Geeeennnnntle.” (I sound like a total idiot of course).

I swear that he actually understands this, and he will repeat the motion by himself after that. Of course then he’s SO PROUD of himself for figuring out what I wanted him to do that he starts flapping again and grabs my hair/face/eye/whatever to give me another kiss. Eh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

So Sam had his first Christmas! I’m not a really big “baby’s first Christmas” kind of girl, complete with bibs, santa hats, ornaments, and pictures with Santa. I just…it’s not my scene. I love Christmas; I do. I just feel like at six months old, the kid is going to be as excited by a piece of string and people talking to him as he is about Christmas stuff. So I didn’t make a huge deal out of it, particularly. Honestly I had more fun with Anika this year since she really understood what was happening and had a blast with it.

BUT – it was indeed Sam’s first Christmas. So he had red jammies (fun!) and you know, I actually had a ball watching him. He (of course) had no idea what was going on, but at six months old he LOVED reaching for the paper and the ribbon and the STUFF THAT MADE NOISE. He was appropriately interested in what came out of the boxes too, but we didn’t completely spoil the kid or anything and he just kind of rolled with it and had a really good time.

My father in law actually got him this toy – and the way the box was set up, he figured out how to hold onto it to hold himself up (sitting) and to play with the steering wheel and buttons through the box. It was so funny; I’ve never seen him that intent on a toy before.

And speaking of sitting, sometime shortly after Christmas, dude Figured It Out. It was the funniest thing – for weeks we’d been bracing him upright, putting pillows around him, propping his hands in front of him to hold him up…and it would work for a few minutes and inevitable he’d slooooowly sink down until his face was resting squarely on his feet. And then he’d cry. (As would I, come to think of it).

So one morning I was sitting on the couch with my coffee and he was sitting braced as usual at my feet. He looked up at me, grinned and cocked one eyebrow rather jauntily, and slowly straightened his torso until he was actually sitting upright. Dude was SO PROUD – it was really funny actually. He tipped over to the side a minute later (less funny) but the whole thing just clicked for him and he figured out how to sit – to adjust himself and correct if he was starting to go too far in any one direction. He still falls over periodically (usually when there is something shiny that he is not supposed to have juuust out of reach) but he’s really got the hang of it now.

The other big excitement of the month was the introduction of food that is actually food. “Santa” brought him some rice cereal and a bowl and a sippy cup, and we were all systems go. He’s so funny though – he’s not entirely sure what he thinks about this (even still). I’m not sure he totally gets what it’s FOR yet (even now). He really liked rice cereal. He really did NOT like oatmeal. Sweet potatoes were good most of the time; bananas were awesome. Barley cereal he had a skin reaction too (hives all around his mouth, awesome), so that was a non-starter (unfortunate because he LIKED that). Avocados…meh. He ate them, sort of, but didn’t really like it. Carrots he loved the first time and after than he needed some serious convincing to eat them. So…I guess I’m not entirely sure the kid actually LIKES food.

After his six month dr’s appointment (where we learned that his weight had kind of slid down the percentiles a fair bit, whoops – from 45thish to less than 10th) they encouraged me to do solids twice a day – and that’s even more ridiculous because if Sam is only sort of lukewarm about eating food mid-day, he is DEFINITELY not interested in it at night. I can get him to eat maybe every other night or so. I guess we’ll just keep trying stuff; introducing new things, and see where it goes (and what his weight does).

Sam still looks very much like Brandon, and also gets compared to Anika a lot. I find this funny because Sam looks a lot like Anika does now…but Anika at 7 months looked very little like Sam. Genetics baffle me. The other thing I’ve been amused by lately is the part where Sam usually looks so much like Brandon but every so often will get a look on his face and be a dead ringer for his Papa (my dad). It is disconcerting, but fun!

Happy 7 months Sammo!

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  1. Teemo permalink
    January 24, 2011 7:34 pm

    YAY SAM!!!! We had such a fun time with him when we were with you guys in Ottawa – I can’t wait to go swimming with him again! Also Kim’s peek-a-boo games with him were ridonculous! Miss you guys a ton – yay Sammo!!!!

  2. Gran permalink
    January 24, 2011 7:41 pm

    This is wayy better than a baby book – what a great record of his development. So glad he is sitting up reliably now…new worlds open up!

  3. Dada ji permalink
    January 25, 2011 2:27 am

    I think we will have to start him on DAL soon. He is a handsome guy I love the glint in his eyes. Lots oh love SAMOO!!!!!

  4. Sarah DV permalink
    January 25, 2011 3:52 am

    I LOVE his facial expression in the last one! We’re doing food intros right now, too — and you’re right… some days they get it, and other days you can’t force the food into them!

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