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Oh right! I forgot one.

January 31, 2011

In my never-ending quest (apparently) to document all that stuff I made at Christmas, I completely forgot to write about Anika’s Tinkerbell PJs.

We were in Boston for US Thanksgiving, and as I think I’ve mentioned once or twice, we went to the fabric store. (YAY!). Ani helped me pick lots of fabric, which was totally fun…but there was this *moment* when I was at the cutting counter, and she was off somewhere in the store with Brandon and Sam. All of a sudden I look down, and there is Anika, coming down the aisle toward me carrying a bolt of fabric. She has this look on her face that is equal parts joy at having found THIS particular fabric, and pride at carrying the fabric over to the counter all by her own self.

It was priceless – I wish I had a picture of her little face.

The fabric was not so much priceless – it was that shiny, flannel backed, Disney-charactered stuff that usually makes me roll my eyes but is of COURSE every little girl’s dream. And Ani found Tinkerbell fabric which pretty much made her head explode.

This would be the fabric – the shiny stuff that caused the insane reflection.

So, what’s a mom to do? There was just under a yard of the material left, so I bought it and resolved to make Tinkerbell pajamas for her for Christmas.

I needed a shirt to go with the PJ pants, so I used Dana’s tutorial for a 90-minute shirt and made it from an old white t-shirt of Brandon’s I had waiting to be used for something.

(Many apologies for horrific lighting and shadows and weirdness – it was dark out and I was sewing on the floor of my basement where the lighting is FINE for sewing and NOT FINE for taking pictures.)

I used some of the bright blue stretch fabric that I used for my mighty t-shirt to do the binding around the neck and cuffs, and I cut one of the Tinkerbells out of the fabric and appliqued it onto the front of the t-shirt piece. (Just a note – if you’re appliqueing a woven fabric like that onto something stretchy like a t-shirt, make ABSOLUTELY sure you use some kind of stabilizer behind it – otherwise you’ll end up with all kinds of weird stretching and pulling and it will be a big old mess. Stabilizer = your friend.).

I used the tutorial to put the t-shirt together, and then just made the pair of pants (I’ve made so many of these kinds of pants now that I don’t really follow any pattern or instructions). I used elastic in the waistband but also threaded a strip of the unfinished blue jersey through the waist as a drawstring.

And done! Tinkerbell Jammies.

I know I know – this is the part where usually I would post a picture of the finished project. But the ones I took when I was finished sewing were absolutely horrible (combination of lousy lighting at night when I have time to sew and Very Shiny fabric). So we’re skipping the finished product picture and moving straight into the “product being modeled” pictures. Lets face it, they’re more fun anyway.

Anika had strong opinions about this particular photo shoot – her Silvermist fairy NEEDED to be in the pictures with her (fair enough I guess!), and she felt that demonstrating how well she could “fly” her fairy while wearing her new PJs would do the best job of showcasing them.

She also needed to prove that ballet was possible in these – really, one ought to be able to do ballet in *any* sensible article of clothing I suppose!

And this is what her jammies look like when she is asleep. (Sort of).

I think she likes them!

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  1. Rob permalink
    January 31, 2011 12:55 pm

    Well this was really cute. Another winner. Your turn of phrase is almost as clever as Ani’s fabric selection.

  2. Hubby permalink
    January 31, 2011 1:34 pm

    Good thing you glossed over the part where dad found the Disney fabric aisle, called Anika over and maybe did a not-so-subtle glance once or twice at the tinkerbell stuff. You’re right though, priceless. And I think there was a stretch of time where she wore the jammies 10 or 12 nights in a row. =)

  3. February 3, 2011 2:20 am

    The whole thing is just too cute for words. Did you tell everyone about the part where you desperately needed to make sure the pants fit, so you blindfolded Ani and made her try them on? =)

    • February 3, 2011 2:31 am

      LOL! Shannon, I completely forgot that I did that but you’re right – I absolutely blindfolded her and made her try these on! So funny.

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