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Paint that room!

February 3, 2011

We here at casa de pintuck are a little bored with our walls. It’s completely fair; our walls are BORING. This is for two reasons. One is that for some odd reason we are totally weird about hanging pictures. We don’t want to do it unless it’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and….we are never sure if it is absolutely perfect because we aren’t really that “interior design-y” in these parts. So we have like framed pictures that we really genuinely like that are…sitting around waiting for us to figure out where the heck we want them to go. Or how we want them to go there. Etc.

The other reason is that when we moved into this house we had the builders paint the place one colour. Typically the builders will only paint new houses white – and a bad white at that – so we, in our infinite wisdom, decided to pony up the five hundred bucks to have them paint one colour that seemed reasonable throughout the house and then we would paint the individual rooms. We did this because the front staircase is open to the upstairs, and we didn’t want to try to figure out how to paint two stories worth of wall.

It’s now six years later and we’ve painted the kids rooms. Sam’s was done in blue and green when we were expecting Anika, and Ani now has a very girly pink and white room (that’s actually quite lovely). She adores it; good enough!

This wouldn’t be so bad except that the builder’s paint is BEYOND horrible. It’s literally like someone melted chalk and put it on our walls. You can’t clean it; you can’t do anything to it; it marks like crazy…not okay. So friends, it is time to paint!

First up is, I think, the master bedroom – it’s not the room that NEEDS it the most, but I figure it’s a good place to start because it’s contained (the rest of our house is pretty open concept) and if I screw it up too badly, it’s kind of out of view. Win-win baby!

So here is our bedroom now:

Please admire our treadmill. It goes well with the furniture, yes? We actually love our treadmill. We are fairly united that we don’t love having it in our bedroom, but it was really the only place in the house for it, so we make it work.

The walls are really neutral; beige-ish (as they are all through the house).

Our bedding is green and the furniture is all the same warm reddish wood colour.

SO! Here’s the thing – we need a colour for this room. The colour needs to compliment the existing furniture/bedding/window stuff because I am likely not going to replace that any time soon (though I am not against accenting in different ways depending on how we do things).

The windows in the room are fairly big, but they face north – the pictures of the room were all taken in bright morning sunlight, and that’s as bright as it gets in there. So I think we probably need a warmer colour on the walls…but I’m not sure.

Generally I like rooms that are pretty classic – I can appreciate really modern looks but it’s not really my style. I love blues and greens (you may have noticed) but I’m not sure either is really suited to our room given the north facing windows.

I really like this but it’s a little “hotel room” – it needs some punch for sure.

This is awesome but again, I think that the windows and architecture of the walls are what make it so neat.

I like the colour on the walls here but I’m not sure if it’s too dark for our room…

This is lovely too; I like the walls a lot.

I need ideas!

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  1. Gran permalink
    February 3, 2011 8:27 pm

    Goin’ in: why is new bedding off the table? What you are looking at is so pastel and restful…plus, I’m a devotee of the ‘buy-an-upsize-duvet/quilt’ followers, so you have more drop to hide those unsightly blankets! 🙂 (Those rooms really are all extremely pretty; I think you’re right about White Bedroom being kinda specific, architecturally speaking! ) I have a folder full of bedroom ideas…course, they’re MY faves. Will bring!

    • Suanne C. St. Charles permalink
      February 18, 2011 7:52 pm

      I’m really really late to the party here but for what it’s worth, yes, always get an upsized duvet. And white trim works wonders with green. I like a green with a bit more yellow in it than what I have in my back bedroom. My Mum used to talk about liking the green of a Canadian $20 bill. I can’t now conjure up that color but I always remember liking it. And if you just bought new shams/pillowcases, maybe you could make your own duvet cover in a color that works for you. I guess I’m basically agreeing with Shannon and Cal/Gran. Makes a huge difference if your bedroom really pleases you. So do it!!

  2. February 4, 2011 2:35 am

    Alright! Weighing in here… but my downstairs and hallway are all similar to that darker gray colour, and my windows all face north… with lots of white accents and trim, it can be really cheerful and not at all too dark! But I’m with Gran / Mom — new bedding could be an option! And I like the greens too… especially on the wall. In fact, my bedroom is green, and I love it. Especially with the white trim and doors, shutters, etc. Here’s what I would do: slightly darker colour (like the green or the gray) on the walls, and then lighter bedding. Would change your world! 🙂

  3. Angela permalink
    February 4, 2011 5:58 pm

    I`m with Gran and Shannonski – fabric or sheets and bedding is the best (read easiest) place to start your paint colour from IMHO. Am I dreaming or do you not have a really night quilt you got a while ago … burgundy I thought? I definitely agree about the up-sizing the quilt or duvet too – then if you ever get a king bed you are covered and haven`t wasted too much money there.

    A few feng shui things I have heard … yes, the treadmill should go … as should any mirrors if you have them. I also heard the best colours for bedrooms to be the most tranquil are ANY type of flesh tone – so that covers a large spectrum, but leaves out the blues definitely and greens (olive-skinned, maybe…).

    If you are not committing to new bedding … eh – just go with what you like and then later maybe you can find bedding to co-ordinate. MAYBE just find a fabric swatch you like and draw inspiration from there – I know how much you like fabric:o)

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