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Gifts for the “As” in my life – some of them anyway!

February 14, 2011

OH HELLO BLOG! Remember when I used to write stuff?? Yeah, that was fun! I should do that more.

Actually I’ve had lots of things on the go (plus sickness, winter frustrations, and other things) – just haven’t paused to write about them! But look for a few posts this week describing my sewing antics over the past week or so.

First up, my friend’s daughter Ava turned 2 in January! Two whole years old – very exciting. Ava is an adorable little thing, very pale complexion with pink cheeks and light blond hair – just beautiful. She’s also very opinionated (she knows EXACTLY what she wants to do and when she wants to do it thankyouverymuch). I think it’s one of those things that is wonderfully adorable when you are NOT her mother and trying to just get her dressed/keep her diaper on/get her to eat breakfast already. Ava is really special to me for lots of reasons, and while I was sorry we weren’t able to make her birthday party I was delighted to be able to sew a few things for her.

First up is a jumper – it’s made from a McCalls pattern, M5692, and I used a really soft corduroy to make it. Anika suggested the cupcake applique for the pocket – a fine addition I think!

The skirt is really full and gathered (hopefully lots of fun for a little girl to twirl in!).

We also made her an apron – this is a pattern I came up with sort of iteratively, based on a memory I had of an apron that I had as a little kid. These aprons aren’t “cooking” aprons – they are the “I’m far too big a girl to be wearing a BIB now mama!” clothing protectors. Anika still wears hers all the time. They are cute, easy to pull on, and equally easy to chuck in the wash on a regular basis. I’m actually planning to adapt the pattern soon to make a couple of longer ones for Anika, now that she’s a little older and taller.

Elastic thread on these makes it easy to pull on, but still keeps it high enough around the neck to protect the clothes.

Happy Birthday Ava!!

The other project I spent some time doing last week was making a baby carrier for my friend Karan’s little guy, Aiden. Aiden is almost 3 months old now and REALLY wants to see the world. This carrier is one I made years ago based on a variety of mei tai asian-inspired carriers – basically a central panel with a headrest and long shoulder and waist straps. There are TONS of great ones on the market that you can just buy now, but back when Anika was about 8 months old I didn’t figure I could spend the money on one, so I tried my hand at making one instead.

It worked pretty well! This is me, looking surprised, eating pizza, wearing a seven month old Anika.

I actually have used it far more often with Sam than I ever did with Ani – he LOVES being in it. I wear him on my back all the time – when I’m cooking; wherever; he loves it.

When Aiden was born, his momma was looking for a good way to carry him around and still deal with life….so I let her try mine and she liked it enough that she wanted one too. So last week I made her this:

Hopefully Mr. Aiden thinks it’s a fun place to hang out!!

I will try to get pictures of both of my “A’s” in their respective things soon, and will post pictures.

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 16, 2011 1:14 pm

    Ava will be adorable in that jumper – it’s really cute! And you KNOW how much I love aprons. I think I took that pic of you and Ani in the carrier – I have one of you and Sam too!

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