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Sam is 9…oh wait. Almost 10 months! And also, another vacation.

April 16, 2011

So, I realize it’s been a little light around here lately, and I apologize – believe me, I am itching to get back to some sewing and making stuff!! But in the interest of catch up, the basic story is that we were visiting with family in North Carolina for two weeks, then came home, and a week later Sam and I left with my mom to go to Florida to visit my grandparents (who hadn’t met him yet!).

All very fun! And in the midst of all of it, Sammo hit 9 months, and then this weekend he will be 10 months! CRAZY.

We discovered some interesting stuff about Sam while we were away….mostly just that he is SO responsive to warm weather, and it seems to rocket his development forward – he wants to Do Stuff. And not having heavy pants and sweaters on seems to really free him up that way – so he just goes. It’s kind of awesome to see – it seemed so noticeable when we were in NC, and then to have it confirmed when we went to Florida…just really cool.

One big difference between 8 months and now is that the little man has teeth now – two of them! I discovered the first one while in Sephora in North Carolina – he chomped my finger and it actually hurt and lo and behold….dude has tooth. So I had a whole week and a half or so of calling him “fang” and then one morning during the week we were home between NC and Florida…Anika and I discovered that he had the other bottom tooth. I know I’m going to miss that gummy smile like crazy but it’s so neat to see him growing like that. Check it out! Teeth!

The other big thing is that we are now officially in motion – dude is totally crawling. He kind of did it right after we got back from NC, and then totally figured it out in Florida. It was actually really funny because we got back here and it’s still kinda cold in these parts – so he was in long pants and shoes, and it took him a good few minutes to work out how to crawl with shoes on – the toes kept dragging and totally baffling him. So funny.

And, because Sam is not one to let the party stop with a little milestone like crawling (hah!), he also decided it would be great if he could stand! Standing! Pulling up! All the time with the standing! It is simultaneously hilarious, terrifying, and surprising.

He really is figuring it out – he was pulling up on us all over the place in Florida, and when we got home he started trying to pull up on, oh, anything. Including, say, a different texture in his floor mat. I’d look over and he’s got his feet planted on one tile and his hands planted on a different coloured tile, and his butt is sticking up in the air and he’s totally baffled….like “I swear this is what I did before…why didn’t this work??”

Today I looked over to see him proudly standing holding onto his friend Aiden’s exersaucer. Sam was very proud. Aiden was visibly alarmed. Later, in what I believe was an attempt to grab Aiden’s ear, Sam went over sideways and bonked his head. Sir was most displeased, but he recovered his dignity and went to play elsewhere.

I can’t get over how much Sam loves the warm air. (As do I, so I’m not sure why this is surprising – particularly after a cold winter, but anyway). Every time we went outside in Florida, he would stick his arms out and wave his hands all over the place. He’d sit in his stroller and flap his arms and legs – just so excited about all of it. It was really fun to see that – I’m not sure it would have been as noticeable here, with the more gradual shift from winter to spring to summer…but we all got such a kick out of watching him try to figure it all out.

Based on our normal experiences during bath time with Sam (think trying to hold a flapping bird over a bucket of water) we were pretty sure Sam would love swimming, and the water. As it turns out, we were right.

We also discovered that he doesn’t actually have to be right IN the water to love it – simply being near it and playing in a bucket seems to work just fine too.

I’m thinking this bit of information will come in handy in the summer! (If it ever gets here).

Traveling to Florida meant Sam’s first plane ride. Now, I think most parents approach air travel with a baby with some amount of trepidation, and I’m certainly no different. But it was easier for me (in theory) – I had my mom with me, and didn’t have Anika to juggle too this time. So it seemed doable. The day before the flight Sam woke up with a fever – I got him checked out FAST (thank you family friend who is a doctor) and of course, ear infection. Yaaay! Ear infection on a plane! Super! We gave him the antibiotics and shamelessly gave him a full dose of tylenol before boarding the plane and he was actually just fine. Happy, interested in what he was looking at, content to play and look around – all good. Apparently Sam is down with air travel.

This is fortunate, because we ended up in a fairly wild storm system attempting to land in Orlando, so they diverted us to Miami to wait it out…on the runway. For a good 5-6 hours. We were supposed to land in Orlando around 9:30am, and it wasn’t until 3:20pm that they finally decided “Oh hey, we should let these people off the plane!” in Miami. Sam was a complete rock star – no crying; no craziness – just happy and chatty with everyone around him; I nursed him lots, he slept on my lap three or four times – no complaints about him really. We finally got to Orlando around 6:00 in the evening. Wheeee! Actually, I will pause here to say that while the weather system was most unfortunate, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how great the Air Canada staff was. (I KNOW. Shocked the heck out of me too). They were completely awesome and lovely and considerate and helpful. They felt badly about the situation and they did what was in their power to do. Completely wonderful. Based on that experience I would actually go out of my way to fly with them again – it was that fantastic. WHO KNEW??

Look! Sam on a plane! (Yes, we both look a little rough. We’d been up since 3:30am and on the plane at that point for way more hours than we were supposed to be!).

Despite the “getting there” mess, on the other end of it were my grandparents – Sam’s great-grandparents. They are wonderful. Quirky; occasionally frustrating (aren’t we all??); but really lovely. They were SO glad to have us there; to just see us and watch Sam and to show us things that they wanted us to see – things around the house or the yard. My grandfather works so hard on the yard – he loves flowers and plants so many of them and they look beautiful. My grandmother is a little more frail than last time I saw her, but since she’s nearly 86 I think we can have some grace with her for that! Sam loved both of them and developed his own little “things” with each of them. With my Gran, he’d get this big goofy grin on his face and point at her every time he saw her. Then he’d do his little baby wave at her until she waved back.

With my Grandad he would clap. I’m not sure why but there was a lot of applause happening every time we saw him. And laughing. Grandad inspired much laughing.

With both of them Sam wanted to take their glasses every chance he got. He loves glasses.

Other than the traveling, life seems to be continuing as normal for Mr. Sammo. He’s still small, weight-wise (16lbs 5oz as of a week and a half ago), and we’re trying to figure that out – we had blood work done and it didn’t really turn up anything other than the fact that he’s a bit anemic, so we’re giving him iron supplements now to try to get that organized. We’ve been referred to a pediatrician in early June so I guess we’ll see if he thinks there’s a problem, and if so what to look at then. So we’ll see. He’s doing everything he’s supposed to be doing at this age, pretty much so no one is particularly worried.

And you know, he’s kind of cute. So I think we’ll keep him!

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  1. Hubby permalink
    April 16, 2011 3:05 am

    You’re dead on about missing the gummy smile… He’s a real sweetheart. Keep on smiling Sammy!

  2. April 18, 2011 4:38 pm

    So much fun to read the Chronicles of Sammo… love how he’s coming along. I had no idea about the pulling up!! I’d seen the crawling video but that’s a new one on me… 🙂 I can’t wait to play with him (and Miss A.) this Easter… my fingers are crossed for nicer weather, although it’s not looking promising. (Boooo.) xo

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