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Ruffle Skirt

April 21, 2011

Hey, wasn’t this blog supposed to be about sewing stuff?? OH RIGHT!!

So, last time I wrote about sewing anything, I’d come up with the brown corduroy skirt using the Design It Yourself Clothes book (which I still am loving – I am not making enough time for it at the moment, sniff, but I love).

Before all the crazy traveling took over, I whipped out one more skirt using the first variation on the A-line skirt pattern. This variation involved doing a yoked waist (rather than just the darts) and a ruffle at the bottom. And we all know how I feel about ruffles! LOVE. So I went for it.

I found this fabric in the clearance bin for two dollars, and I knew right away it would be perfect for this skirt. And it was! Except that it was also a gigantic pain in the butt to work with. It was this really really light slippery kind of stuff – just a synthetic of some description – and it was…challenging.

The first challenge came when I cut out the pieces and then realized just exactly how see through this skirt was going to be. Whoops. I ended up cutting out extra front and back pieces and serging them together into one piece before continuing – much less suggestive better that way.

I was really pleased with how it all came together. Working with the sheer fabric drove me a bit bonkers at times (particularly when putting in the zipper – SO much harder to do a really nice finish on the zipper that isn’t obvious when the material is that thin). I also realized entirely too late that I’d neglected to put the seam allowances into my final pieces, so the skirt is a little bit shorter than I’d originally intended (not too much though – just a little).

Here’s the skirt in it’s natural habitat, moving toys out of the way.

Here’s a front view of the skirt.

Now, here’s something I can’t figure out for the life of me. I draft the pattern and I make a muslin. I test the muslin; I adjust the pattern. IT FITS ME. Nicely, by the time I’m done. And then I make the actual skirt. And then I put ON the actual skirt, and somehow, it’s like an inch and a half too wide. I cannot figure out why this is happening. Is the zipper adding that much width? Seriously? Is it that the fabric is just that little bit different from the broadcloth I was using? What the heck? It happened with the corduroy skirt and with this one – if I did a close up you’d see that the points of the yoke are just a little off-center because I had to take so much in on one side in order to get it to fit me properly. It’s not that noticeable, thanks to the pattern, but still…it’s baffling. And also frustrating because I’m not confident enough that I can draw a pattern and run with it – I have to keep doing the muslin every time because I’m so sure I’m doing something wrong. Sigh. Oh well – I think the next skirt variation uses buttons, so we’ll see how that one goes! Then at least I’ll know if it’s the zipper….

Finally, here’s the skirt from the side.

I actually really love this skirt – I wore it a couple of times in NC and again in Florida – hopefully I’ll be able to get some more wear out of it this summer!

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  1. Sarah DV permalink
    April 22, 2011 2:34 am

    Is it possibly a difference of the drape of the fabric or the stretch (cutting on the grain or on the bias)?

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