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April 27, 2011

When I was in North Carolina, I discovered that I actually go kind of bonkers if I don’t have SOMETHING to do with my hands. I know, I know…vacation, relax, etc…and I am certainly capable of doing less when I’m on vacation – you know, NOT sewing for a night, gasp – but I really do start to go a bit nuts without a project I can get my hands on easily. It’s as much a mental thing as anything.

Enter, wool.

I haven’t knit much in the last couple of years, mostly because I really got into sewing and it’s just SO much faster than knitting stuff. But I do love knitting – I love the simplicity of it; I love that I can pick it up and work on it unobtrusively when watching something with Brandon, or just sitting around and talking. It’s really fun, and easy.

Anika’s big enough now that I can make stuff for her without risk of her outgrowing it before it’s done…but she’s still small enough that the projects will (I think) knit up fairly quickly.

These are the wools we picked up.

I’m not a huge variegated wool fan – but she loved the soft pink/green/purple combination of this ball, and I can’t really blame her – it’s SO pretty. Unfortunately I couldn’t get more than one ball, so we picked up a matching green for the rest of the sweater.

We’re making this (You may need to create a Ravelry account to view that pattern, but it’s free to do it – and I highly recommend that site if you are into knitting or crocheting at all – the pattern database is AMAZING).

So far I am loving it – the wool knits like a dream; it’s knitting up fairly quickly, and best of all the whole darn thing fits in a ziplock bag. It came to Florida with me; it will come to Vancouver with me next week….awesome. I am hoping to have it finished in the next month or so, so that Ani can wear it over her dresses in the summer….but if it takes a little longer I think it would be really cute over a long-sleeved t-shirt in the fall too. We will see where it goes!


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