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Freezer Paper Stenciling

May 16, 2011

I’m not new to freezer paper stenciling – I’ve done it a few times for different things and really like it (see this shirt as a more recent example). But it’s not my “go to” idea for kids clothes most of the time.

Recently, I’ve been reading through the archives of Cheri’s blog and have been totally blown away by the things that girl dreams up to make for her boys. Seriously, in a world dominated by girly sewing, this girl is awesome. And she gives me some great ideas.

I had a baby shower to go to for a friend of mine from church, and I thought it might be fun to do some funky onesies for her little guy (due soon!) with a bit of a bible bent to it. Here’s what I came up with.

To make the Chosen/Free onesie, I printed the words in the font I wanted out, and then traced them onto my freezer paper. I wanted to “reverse stencil” the words “chosen” and “free”, so I used the actual letters I cut out (rather than using the cutout as a stencil), and ironed them onto my onesie. Then I mixed the colours I wanted and used plastic wrap dipped in my paint to give it the kind of textured effect. Once the paint was try I pulled of the letters, and done.

Then I made another freezer paper stencil out of the words “i am” and ironed the freezer paper on over the green and blue areas on the shirt, and painted the words red. It took a few coats to get the red to really pop – the darker paint underneath showed through a bit, but eventually I got it to where I was happy! (Note that you have to be a bit careful doing multiple coats on freezer paper – the paper can get soggy and start to bleed through underneath – so use some caution!).

For the fishing rod one, I drew a picture of a fishing rod onto my freezer paper and cut it out. I wasn’t sure how well it would work, since the rod itself was so narrow, but I’m actually really pleased with how it came out. With this one I just ironed the freezer paper stencil on and used a paint brush to paint it red.

Underneath I put the passage from Matthew 4:19 that reads “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men!” I found a font that I thought was suitably funky, and printed it onto a sheet of photo transfer paper. I cut it out as close to the words as I could and ironed it on. Easy!

Important points about freezer paper! (I’m sure you all know this but just in case…)

* The shiny side of the paper is the side you iron onto your fabric. Make sure you’ve got your words oriented the right way!

* Make sure you put a spare piece of freezer paper between the layers of your t-shirt or onesie – otherwise the paint is totally going to bleed through. That will make you sad.

Important points about iron on transfers

* If you’re transferring writing, remember that you are going to get the mirror image – so flip your words around before printing!

This was a fun way to dress up some onesies – hopefully she likes it!

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