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Ballerina 2011

June 3, 2011

My lovely Anika had her ballet recitals a week ago. Her ballet school is kind of neat in the way that they do things – even for the little kids, the recital is not a one shot deal. There are two performances (Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon) and even the tiniest little kids are treated the same way that the older and more experienced dancers are treated. It’s neat for them actually – they really get a taste for what it’s like to perform.

So this year, there was a circus theme and Anika’s class were the bunnies that come out of a magician’s hat.

She loves the recitals so much – she loves the costumes, and the makeup especially (what little girl wouldn’t I guess!).

I am not going to lie – it creeps me out mightily to put makeup on my girl. I find it so crazy to be trying to carefully apply blush to these cheeks that still have their baby roundness…it’s just strange. But she does look great on stage with the other girls when it’s done, so you know.

In my completely unbiased opinion, she did a great job in both shows, but it was neat to see how the class kind of settled down by the Saturday performance and focused a bit more. All of them did what they were supposed to do in both shows – but you could tell that they were a bit more distracted by the lights and the people and the “stuff” on the Thursday.

She seems so much older this year than last year….this year she wheeled her ballet bag in all by herself, and she just seemed so much more confident. She knew where she was going; what was happening and she was ready for it.

If I’m completely honest, even though the makeup part is a little weird, I love getting her ready.

I’m SO proud of how far she’s come with dancing this year – and it’s especially neat, because she’s doing it because she loves it. Ballet is *not* something I pushed her towards – I certainly never danced as a kid and it really wouldn’t even have occurred to me to get her into it. But she wanted it – from the time she was two, she wanted to dance and she wanted to watch videos of ballerinas on YouTube – you name it, she wanted to do it. So…we went for it. So far I’m really glad we did – I like that she has an  activity like this that she can work at and get better at. It’s really fun for her, and it’s so much fun for us to watch her develop.

Ballet is over now until September. Much as I love what it does for my girl, I’m glad of the break!!

True to form, before we even got home from the show, girl was out cold in the back seat. We put her on the couch and let her sleep for awhile….she’d earned it!

She was awesome. I can’t wait to see what she will do next.

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