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An outfit for a boy who is ONE

June 20, 2011

I haven’t actually sewed much for Sammo. Not because I don’t love him, but because I figure he’s a baby and growing fast and why would I bother making much when he’s going to outgrow it in ten minutes anyway?

Except, that’s not exactly true because a) he’s not actually growing that fast (sigh) and b) I don’t actually love a lot of the clothes that are out there as options for the little guy. They are just…boring. I can do better. It’s time to start.

Also, I’m pretty sure that as soon as I start sewing stuff for Sam, he’s going to start growing JUST SO THAT he can outgrow what I make for him. I mean, right??

I showed you the pants in this post here. I also customized a polo onesie for the little dude. Here’s what the back looks like (on the model and everything!).

Why yes, he DID just sit down in some water. Good of you to notice!

The idea for the Uno card stencil came totally from the outfit Dana made for her little guy when he turned one. I saw it a long time ago (well before any boys showed up in these parts) and thought it was great. So when this came around I grabbed one of our Uno cards and made a freezer paper stencil and painted it on the back of the shirt. Look for a tutorial for freezer paper stenciling later this week! Seriously, it’s so easy and SO addictive.

The front of his outfit proved harder to capture. I mean, I got this picture:

Why yes, my son IS reaching for an ant trap in that picture. (I stopped him; we threw the traps out. Nobody panic). And in fact, you can’t actually see his shirt anyway. Hmpf.

When I tried again a few minutes later, I got this:

So no then? Okay!

I think to see the front of the shirt you’ll have to make do with this really blurry picture of him wearing a silly sunhat at his party.

It just says his name and his birthday.

I’m really pleased with how this little outfit turned out. I did want to do more with the shirt – my original plan was to do a little more with this shirt – more like what Cheri did here – but I realized that on a nine-month sized shirt? You only have about a centimeter and a half of visible shoulder room to work with, and pretty much the button would have had to be in the middle of the fabric. So I decided to keep it a bit simpler this time! (But watch out when you turn 2 Sam!).

Thanks for reading!

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