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Canada Day 2011!

July 4, 2011

So Canada Day in the Nation’s Capital – we don’t normally do the whole big downtown thing, because frankly with kids it’s a bit much. Buuut….this year we happened to have some lovely American guests with us from out-of-town who just aren’t here very often. And we looked at our kids and realized that Anika is actually at an age where we CAN push her a little bit to let her stay up late for fireworks….and Sam is still young enough that if he needs to sleep he can sleep. So we decided to just go for it!

And we are so glad we did – what an awesome time.

The thing that’s kind of neat about Canadians is that we are generally a pretty laid back and happy bunch. Oh sure there’s some violence and fighting and whatever….but not anywhere near as much as you’d expect in a crowd of 300,000+ people crowding the streets of one smallish downtown area (most of whom were frequenting the pubs and patios since noon or so). Really there were just a lot of happy people. Happy to be out; happy for it not to be cold; happy to be sporting the country’s colours; happy to have the Royals in town – just a fun fun night. People were walking by and attempting to high-five Sam and Anika (as well as the rest of us) – it was just nice to be out.

So we embraced our patriotism and went for it!

Okay, some of us went for it more than others.

And yeah, they got me too.

You might be wondering what the heck Ani was doing in an orange t-shirt. She wanted to wear it, and frankly in the sea of red and white that was downtown, I was delighted to have her in a colour I could spot easily! Patriotic? Not so much….but she made up for it with her furious flag waving and her tattoos!

We also attempted to get the out-of-towners into it – Rishi was attempting to put flags into Meha’s hair.


She got patriotic eventually.

Ironically, my father in law did not – and he actually lives here! Somehow or other we all missed the part where he went to the celebrations wearing an Outer Banks, NC shirt with an American flag on it. Too funny! Fortunately our guests were from NC so they didn’t mind a bit!

And Sammo….oh Sammo. He was hilarious. He was utterly taken by the crowds – just sat there in his stroller with HUGE eyes. Brandon finally picked him up so he could see where the concert was…and he was completely gobsmacked by the whole thing. Could not believe what he was seeing.

Then he hung out in his Baby Bjorn and ROCKED out hard to Great Big Sea (that’s my boy!).

That right there? Fingers pointed straight up? Yeah, that apparently is his signature dance move. Dude does not have much rhythm yet. I am cautiously optimistic that things will improve before he has to use his dancing skills to impress women.

Anika on the other hand has crazy rhythm – she also loved Great Big Sea (well, duh) and was doing some crazy syncopated jig thing that I couldn’t keep up with so save my life – I cannot figure out if that ballet class I keep taking her to is *actually* teaching her Irish folk dancing or what – but I was seriously impressed. I need to try to get her to repeat it so I can get it on video.

NOW, for those of you keeping score at home you MAY have heard a little something about a certain Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being in attendance? YEAH they were!! We were back on Wellington street, so we weren’t right at the stage (where they were brought out and seated) but we could see where they were walking (and of course the screens everywhere around were showing it up close). If you look at the Peace Tower in the second building, you can see the screen and the stage that is just in front of it – that gives you more of an idea of the distance.

I’m not a huge “royal follower” or anything – but still, it’s pretty special to be able to host them here on Canada day. That was really fun to see and be part of. I also really like being able to show Anika a “non-Disney” princess! I mean, girlfriend has an education – THAT is my kind of princess.

The grand finale of the evening was of course the fireworks.

I have learned that I am kind of terrible at taking pictures of fireworks (which makes sense, since I was in a crowd of 300,000, holding a kid and my camera with no tripod – but anyway). I did, however, manage to get this shot which I think is really cool.

The fireworks were magnificent, and I still wish I had a picture of Anika’s face – she was just glowing with that amazing childhood wonder at something fantastic that she’d never seen before. So beautiful.

I’m not actually sure if Sam noticed the fireworks – he was pretty tired and cranky by then.

Happy Birthday Canada. We had a GREAT time celebrating!



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  1. Hubby permalink
    July 4, 2011 11:30 pm

    I submit that we (the royal we!) should crop me out of Sam’s signature dance move. And now that I think about it, it does bear some resemblance to his Chacha’s “No Diggity” bull’s horns dance…

    Fantastic time. It was a happy Canada day.

  2. Mom permalink
    July 5, 2011 9:43 am

    What an experience for you all – so glad you went, and had such a great time! Good on you for entering into the spirit of the thing, with your face paint, and tatoos! Loved the pics.

  3. Angela Quesnel permalink
    July 7, 2011 4:26 pm

    That is awesome you guys got right into it and showed your American cousins how we do it! Looks like great time! I remember those days!

  4. July 11, 2011 7:13 pm

    I love every minute of this. I’m behind in my Christy’s-blog-reading, but catching up now and it’s pretty glorious… great experiences for everyone!! And yes, I’m obsessed with Princess Kate, too…

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