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14 Months!

August 21, 2011

Sammo is 14 months. And also kind of a maniac. But in a good way.

I kind of arbitrarily decided that after a year I’d write about the Wonder That Is Sam every two months instead of every month – at least for a while longer. We’ll see how this goes and…uh…how often I remember to write things down.

Sam totally digs summer – we got a flash of that when we were in Florida, certainly, but man – he loves it. He loves not having to wear a lot of clothes. In fact, when we were camping I put a sleeper on him instead of his usual one piece shorts/t-shirt ensemble – and dude COMPLETELY told me off. Enraged babbling, complete with wild gesticulations, punctuated by plucking at the offending sleeve which had the nerve to cover his arm up all the way. It was…kind of surreal and awesome, actually. I wish I’d had a camera.

He’s the most curious kid on the planet. He wants to SEE everything and TRY everything and CLIMB INTO everything. I go to do laundry, and I turn around and there he is perched in the laundry basket. I can’t leave him alone in the bathroom because NOTHING is more fun than prying up the vent covers. And whenever there is something he hasn’t seen before, his reaction is priceless. First he kind of freezes. Then he’ll stick his hand out and try to feel whatever it is. It builds from there. (Tasting! Climbing! Rolling around on! Etc.!)

Here he is, figuring out rain with Brandon.

He still loves being in the backyard and playing with his water table. I’ve never seen a kid get dirty as quickly as this one does though – my heavens. It’s like he goes out there with a PURPOSE – he’ll motor over to his water table, splash a few times, and then dump a cup of water over his head just to make SURE he’s good and wet. Then he goes to roll around in the garden. (Okay, not really. But he does crawl around and then try to explore the garden, which usually results in dirt everywhere). Then of course I have to pick him up which means *I* am all dirty, AND THEN I give up and we both go have a bath.

Health-wise, Sam is still…small. He’s totally healthy but small. As of today, he is 19lbs, 5oz – which is actually an improvement from where he has been. At  14 months, it’s little, but he’s so healthy that I’m not quite sure how much to worry about it. We still think milk is a big part of it, so I’m still off all dairy and we certainly haven’t given him any. We dump olive oil in his food and he has a good appetite but honestly with the food allergy stuff I get really nervous about giving him new stuff. One of the things he loves is melon. Which is great!! Except you know what has no calories at all?? Melon. Here kid – have melon and a side of celery. THAT WILL GET YOU BIGGER! (Okay, no, we don’t give him celery but you know).

The one thing we did discover rather surprisingly was an apparent allergy to eggs. We had NO idea this might be an issue; he’s been having egg yolks (seemingly without problem) for months. But we thought we might like to give him whole eggs, so I did as the allergist suggested and skin tested him with some raw egg white. I turned around for a few seconds and when I turned back he had like 7 hives.

The picture isn’t perfectly clear; we were more interested in feeding him dinner and getting the egg white OFF his face, but you can kind of see what happened there. So we need to go back to the allergist and figure out whether we’re dealing with some kind of anaphylactic thing where eggs are concerned or if it’s just another weird sensitivity to raw egg whites. I have no idea, but I will confess to wanting to curl up in a ball and whimper a little when we discovered that one. So for those keeping score at home, no dairy and no eggs for either of us for now – at least until we get to the allergist. (Currently scheduled for December. The heck?!). We’ll keep on trucking for now I guess. I’m experimenting with allergen free baking and cooking; we’re trying to be careful without being paranoid. Easier said than done but it could be so much worse – we could be dealing with a much more severe allergy, so I’m thankful that so far the sensitivities seem relatively minor.

So hey, look what Sam can (almost) do!!

That’s right…my boy is almost walking. He can walk around beautifully with one of those push wheel walker thingys, and he has started taking a few steps between us. Sometimes he gets too excited – we’ll say “Want to walk Sam?” And he gets so excited that the first thing he does is sit down to clap for himself. Silly kid. He’s juuuuust starting to get up the guts to take a few steps between objects (the couch and the play kitchen, for example).  I’m guessing very soon he’s going to be running….scary.

(I know his eyes are closed in that picture. It’s because he was throwing sand into them. I find it hilarious.)

He’s talking up a storm, even if actual WORDS are questionable. He does have a handful of words that he uses regularly, including his beloved “Boof!” and “Quack!”. Probably his favourite word right now is “Anka!” He ADORES his sister, and will look for her every time she is missing – “Anka? Anka? Anka?” I am dreading school starting because he will miss her so much.

Other words he knows and loves are “up!” “Ook!” (book) and “Ahhhgahhh!” (All gone. What, you didn’t get that?) “uck!” (Truck).

The other thing he does that just cracks me up is he will put a very stern expression on his face and shake his finger. This means “No no no.” (Gee, wonder where he picked that up?!) He’s such a crankster about getting his diaper changed that every time we walk into his room and he knows he needs a diaper change he will frown and shake his finger at his change table. It’s pretty funny.

Ohhh and books. Speaking of “Ook!” We love books, ever so much. He has this way of latching on to a particular story for a while and then wanting to read it over and over and over before moving on to the next one. The funniest one lately is Mr. Brown Can Moo. (I know – it’s a page turner). I picked it up the other day to read to him and dude was laughing so hard that he couldn’t even sit up any more. He thought it was absolutely hysterical.

He got a copy of Snugglepuppy from his Gran for his birthday – here he is reading it with her. You can see him signing “book” in the picture.

He loves songs and loves to dance. He really REALLY loves all things Raffi. He is insanely smitten with both of the duck songs – 5 Little Ducks and 6 Little Ducks, though he also very much enjoys the “Bumping up and down in my little red wagon” song. It’s got to the point where every time he sees a screen – of any description – tv, computer, my cell phone, the baby monitor – he starts bouncing up and down and saying “Quack quack?”

The other day I was fixing dinner and I lost him for a minute. I went looking, and eventually found him in our family room in the basement, in the dark, sitting in a kids adirondack chair that we have and clutching the remote. “Quack quack?” he asked, brandishing the remote at the dark television.

It’s got to the point where I’m not actually sure if “Quack quack” is simply Sam’s way of asking for a song – any song. He certainly likes the duck songs but…I’m not sure. Any time anyone sings he immediately starts quacking. Does he recognize it as a song? Or is it a request? I can’t tell.

He’s turning into a crazy mimic too. When Anika whacked her head the other day she had a little ice pack she was keeping on the lump. When she was finished with the ice pack, Sam grabbed it and held it up to his own head. “Ow.” he says mournfully.

He loves to brush his hair – he’ll grab anything that resembles his hairbrush (including his toothbrush, ew) and attempt to brush his hair with it. He’ll look at you expectantly until you say “Oh Sam, so handsome!” Then he’ll smile, and do your hair.

Speaking of hair, it’s kinda long now. He looks a little like a used car salesman, but I love it. It’s still soft baby hair and I can’t bring myself to think about cutting it. (The mechanics of cutting it also baffle me – I need both hands and one leg to hold him down on the change table long enough to change his diaper – I don’t even want to THINK about what we’d need to cut his hair!).

Okay, Sam just winged by me, standing IN his little walker thing, with Anika pushing him from the other side. They looked like the world’s smallest ice dancers. Why do I never have a camera when I need one?? This kid’s going to give me a heart attack.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    August 21, 2011 6:25 pm

    Oh this sounds like so much fun! Levi’s walking now, too and it’s amazing how much more exploring can happen!

  2. August 21, 2011 10:53 pm

    I’m sad about the egg thing. : ( I hope that things become more clear after… December!? Anyway, he’s an amazing kid. Keep trucking, Sammo!! xo

  3. Mom permalink
    August 23, 2011 8:55 pm

    Great pictures of Sam & Brandon! Hate seeing the hives…poor baby. I hope he outgrows this really soon…:)) Love you. Sammo Kablammo.

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