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Ani’s Room!

October 27, 2011

I’ve been trying to share this post with you for a couple of weeks – but I couldn’t get pictures of her room! It has been raining and gray non-stop and I kept hoping for some natural light and it just wasn’t happening. This morning we had a solid half hour of sun – so my loyal assistant (Sam) and I took the pictures. Then we dropped everything and went for a walk because who knows how long we might have to wait for it to be nice again??

I have (finally) finished (mostly) Miss Anika’s room. There are things that still aren’t perfect but generally speaking I’m pretty darn happy with it.

I made that sign on her door for her for Easter this year. The letters are from a company called Loose Letters and with them you have the option of finishing them yourself or getting them to do it for you. I finished them myself (they provide a lot of information on the website about how to do it) but they do a beautiful job of finishing them. Sam has one too, see?

When we were having Sam we turned what used to be a pretty boring guest room into Anika’s bedroom and moved her into it. Brandon painted the walls for her – three of them are a creamy white and one is bright pink – which he wrapped around near her closet.

She had her bunk beds – these beds were originally for me and my sister, made by my Great-Grandfather. I think he was in his 80s when he made them – and they are the most solid things in the world. We used them at the cottage for YEARS growing up, and then after the cottage was sold I took them with me to University. They’ve made the rounds, and now they look great in her room.

My mom and dad and my aunt gave her the quilts for Christmas one year – Pottery Barn I think. I kind of love the birds.

The piano lives in Anika’s room because it’s the only place in the house we can put it pretty much. It works for now, so we go with it. She loves it so why not?

The pictures over the piano were from Winners of all places – I want to say $17 for all three of them? Not bad anyway.

Then of course there is the wall with the tree, which I shared earlier. Her dollhouse and playmobil toys live at the base of the tree, along with her Roly Poly chair (pattern from Dana’s site). That reminds me…I’m not sure I actually shared the story of making that chair. It was nothing short of astounding. We’ll have to come back to that sometime. You can also see her string of paper butterflies – my sister brought those back for her from Paris.

We don’t actually keep any clothes in Ani’s dresser. She’s been so determined to pick out her own clothes for so long now that if I let her do it, it turns into a hot mess. So I started hanging “outfits” on hangers in her closet. She can choose the “outfit”; mixing and matching requires parental approval. It works pretty well most of the time!

Over here is her craft table, which doubles as a bedside table, and is never NOT covered in a great big pile of books. The curtains on her window are ones I made for her a long time ago – I love the colours; they remind me of popsicles.

You can also see the most Useless Lamp In The World hanging over her bed. It’s an Ikea wall lamp and I thought it was so cute…until I hung it and realized that it REALLY doesn’t cast enough light to read by. It’s too bright to be a night-light but you’d need like four of them to actually read by. Oh well, it looks cute. And it was cheap.

Then there is the newest addition – her clothesline!

I used my silhouette to cut the birds on a wire image (I edited heavily so that I could cut the birds out of different colours. I also removed a few birds). I used regular old craft acrylic paint to paint the clothes pins, and then I sprayed them with a glossy sealer.

My true moment of genius (they are admittedly rare, but every once in a while they happen!) was when I figured out how to put the clothes pins on the wall. I knew they needed to be on there pretty solidly, but I didn’t want to glue gun them to the wall or anything – they’d never come off. I considered a few options, but what I ended up doing was using my Silhouette software to add clothes pin sized “tabs” onto the clothesline. Then I glued the clothes pins to the vinyl! Now I should be able to peel the vinyl off someday and have the clothes pins just come with it. (I hope).

I’m actually not completely happy with how it looks – I love the clothespins and how she can hang her art however she wants to – but it feels a little off to me. I can’t decide if the birds are too big, or if the wire isn’t long enough, or what it is. I’m living with it for now though; I may adjust it later….but she loves it, which is the important thing.

Finally over here by the door we have a way old Ikea full length mirror that I used to have in my apartment in University. It’s just propped against the wall for now, because Anika can see herself in it best that way. We also have a little hook board hanging over it. This is also Ikea; normally they are just a natural wood finish, but I painted this yellow to fit in with her room more. It took about a bazillion coats of paint to get it covered, but it worked finally! (I was lazy and didn’t sand it first. I’m sure if I’d done that it would have been easier. Lesson learned.) I sprayed that with the same glossy sealer that I used on the clothes pegs.

Overall I like it. I think there are still some little things that we can do to make her room more functional – the dresser isn’t a perfect solution for her toys, and we don’t really have a good system for her books yet – but it’s coming together. I feel like there are lots of touches in there now that make the room really uniquely “hers” – and I like that. I also like how much she helped pull all of the ideas together for her room! She had a lot of say about colours and I love that – I love that she can express herself and be creative.

It’s a fun space! Playdate anyone?

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  1. Mom permalink
    October 27, 2011 3:46 pm

    It looks adorable! I can’t wait to see it altogether, when we come see you guys…I love the clothesline….this silhouette thing is just baffling me…but it’s so cool what you can do with it. Good for you!

  2. October 29, 2011 8:42 pm

    So cute! I love the outfits in the closet. And hey, didn’t I give that S to Sammo when he was born? Maybe my memory is hazy… either way, adorable. The tree looks GREAT!

    • October 29, 2011 10:01 pm

      Hah, no. You didn’t give him the S – I made that one for him. You gave him all three letters that are slightly different – they sit in his window.

      • October 30, 2011 9:45 pm

        OHHHH right. I was getting confuzled! 🙂 I remember when you painted all of these… it’s all coming back to me now!

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