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16 Months

November 5, 2011

Don’t worry….we’re not done with Halloween yet! I have plans to show you more about how I made the mermaid costume – fear not! I also want to share a couple of pictures from Halloween night. But I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile….so lets get on with it, yes?

Sammo is now 16 months old – well, he was on the 17th. Of October. Yeah, I’m late.

I waited to post an update because we had a weight check last week and I wanted to be able to post and say things like “OH WOW, he’s doing great; he gained again and it’s awesome!”As it turns out he lost three and a half ounces. Not the end of the world but discouraging nonetheless – it took me a couple of days to pull out of the funk over that one. He’s now 19lbs 8oz.

But oh hey, we have a diagnosis now! It explains some of what’s going on anyway… we got back in to see the allergist (there was a cancellation thankfully) and learned that the boy does in fact have full-blown allergies to both eggs and dairy. Here’s your epipen, see you in 18 months, have a nice day.

So….that is….sad, on one hand, but on the other it’s really good to know that there is in fact a reason for the poorer weight gain and that we’re dealing with something that he will most likely outgrow. And also, it’s good to know that giving him a flu shot would be a BIG mistake thanks to the egg protein…so we will skip that thankyouverymuch, and in the meantime I’ll keep nursing him a little to keep some protection up.

Basically nothing changes in the short-term for us – we’ve been avoiding eggs and dairy since the spring anyway. So we keep on keeping on and hope we see an upward trend in his weight soon. We’re trying to get more creative about what we feed him…and we’re really hoping that things turn around for the little guy soon (weight-wise).

You know, the weight stuff does consume us a bit from time to time….but the fact of the matter is that he is doing really really well. He’s totally healthy, just small. He’s energetic, he’s enthusiastic, he has very strong opinions about everything….he’s really fine.

He’s in love with strollers. Not strollers with dolls in them – heavens no; he will yank those out of there by their hair and dump them on the floor, and then unceremoniously run over them if they happen to get in his way. But he loves to just push the empty stroller around. I dunno.

He’s also a one-year-old boy, so of course he gets into everything. He’s wildly curious and wants to SEE everything, and DO everything.. This is fascinating and adorable and wonderful and also EXTREMELY ANNOYING when I am trying to do something practical like empty the dishwasher or cook dinner.

One of his favourite things to do is to play in the Tupperware drawer (followed closely by playing in the kids cutlery drawer – I have a drawer full of bibs, face cloths, and Ikea cutlery). He is constantly moving things from one place to another; looking for all the world like he is organizing things – in a way that makes absolutely no sense to me but apparently makes PERFECT sense to him.

I will literally go to get Ani a spoon for her yogurt and find a chunk of the play mat from the living room, a pair of Sam’s socks, and possibly someone’s shoe in the drawer. This morning I actually found Anika’s rain boot on Sam’s highchair tray.

It makes it really frustrating when you are looking for something obvious….because it really could be anywhere. Fortunately it almost always makes us laugh when we figure out where he’s put things.

For some reason he’s also obsessed with keeping the bottom right drawer in my dresser empty. Every morning he goes and moves everything from the right bottom drawer into the left one. I have no idea why. I do know that it keeps him amused for 10 extra minutes while I keep sleeping so I pretty much go with it!

He moves all over the place now. He’s been good at stairs for months but now he’s walking very solidly and everywhere. Outside, inside – doesn’t much matter to Sam. He’s big on dancing too (he IS Anika’s brother). He doesn’t have a lot of rhythm but put on Mary Poppins sometime and watch that kid go. My favourite move – and his longest standing move I might add – is that he stands there with one arm up in front of his face (picture…putting an arm across your face to block a punch? Kind of like that.) and then turns around in circles. It is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen and I NEED to get it on video. SO FUNNY.

Jazz hands!!

We’ve been doing gymnastics together for the last month and a half or so, and he adores it. We lucked out – we happened to land a time slot where there are only two kids in the class – Sam and his best buddy Aidan. So that works really well and he has a ball there. Trampolines are a big favourite and he’s getting better at jumping on them.

The thing that’s amazing to me is watching him kind of figure out what he’s supposed to do when. There’s a whole sequence they follow – they sing a couple of songs, then they go play with whatever they’ve got set up for them, then they move to a new area, sing another song or two, then play again…and Sam has figured it out. He knows who his instructor is and he will follow her. He will sit down in the “circle” (there are only two of them) and sing the songs; do the actions where he can…and then he knows that when his instructor claps and says “Hooray!” he can get up and go do things. When she says it’s time to go, he follows her.

I really love watching him figure these things out. It’s absolutely amazing.

He really loves throwing himself headfirst down slides. I do not love this but we laughed at it too many times and now he thinks it’s a great idea.

Every time he sees his reflection in the mirror he puts on a little baby voice and says “Mama!” I cannot for the life of me figure out whether he thinks that’s his name, or what. It’s hilarious to hear the voice he puts on though.

He’s got about 9 teeth now, 6 of which are on top, so that’s pretty funny. (For whatever reason on the bottom he only has the two middle teeth and one molar. I…do not know. Presumably the others will show up? Sometime?).

He’s figured out spoon-feeding and had a haircut. His love affair with dirt continues apace….but from what I’ve heard from other mom’s of boys I shouldn’t really expect this to end any time soon apparently. I am still cautiously optimistic that he will discover Lego or trucks or rocket science or SOMETHING that will let me take him outside without finding him face down in the garden ten minutes later…but we’ll see.

With all of this crazy busy “learning stuff” we have the predictable measure of toddler rage. I can’t help it; I still think it’s funny – he throws tantrums like nobody’s business – Anika didn’t really do that. With Sam they are full body experiences – face down on the floor; flailing and kicking. Fortunately he has the attention span of a gnat so while he’s down there he usually spots a cheerio or something and gets distracted.

He’s getting really good at following more complicated directions – I can tell him to go put something away, or go find his shoes or his coat, or put his soothers in his crib and he knows exactly what to do. (Whether he DOES it or not is another questions entirely…but he does know what I want him to do, so it’s a start. Right? RIGHT??)

Also – drum roll please – we are finally FINALLY sleeping through the night. Like all the way through the night – like, put him in his crib at 7pm and don’t hear from him again until 7am. I am VERY VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS. (Of course now that I’ve said it out loud on the INTERNET he’s going to wake up like 12 times tonight….but oh well. I laugh in the face of danger. Feel free to remind me of this next week when I’m spitting nails about why my kid won’t sleep.)

Sam is still totally and hopelessly devoted to Ani. He really does adore her. He looks for her everywhere – will take me around the house and show me pictures of her when she is at school. He asks for her as soon as he wakes up from his nap – “Anka? Anka??” – he knows it’s time to go get her. I know this won’t last – they will drive each other bonkers at some point – but for now I love it. I love that they love each other so much.

He drives me nuts of course – I think that’s pretty normal really (for crying out loud kid EAT SOMETHING ALREADY) – but the truth is that I am really really loving this time with him. I didn’t have this with Anika in the same way – I was back at work just before she turned 1, and I’m seeing now some of what I missed there. (I don’t regret any of that – it was absolutely the right thing to do then; it’s just that now it’s different.) He’s funny. He has a total personality emerging by the second and I get to WATCH that. I make him laugh – I love to make him laugh – but suddenly now he’s making me laugh too. He actually has a sense of humour! Who saw that coming??

Yeah. I’m smitten.

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  1. November 6, 2011 8:45 am

    He’s just so much fun. He can organize our condo any day. I don’t mind shoes being stored with my cutlery. Only… one of Jeff’s shoes would probably take up the whole drawer. Ah well. Love you Sammo!

  2. Sarah permalink
    November 6, 2011 11:06 pm

    Maybe a good vegan cookbook is in order?
    Sounds like he’s really developing a great little personality! Would love to hang out with you and the kids again sometime soon!

  3. Maryann permalink
    November 7, 2011 1:03 pm

    Love the personality details. He’s so sweet. Phooey about the dairy and egg allergy. Not fun.

  4. November 9, 2011 10:58 am

    Hey! I LOVE that rollie poly! Was it hard to do??

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