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Santa Dresses

December 21, 2011

Well, Christmas dresses actually.

It’s like this – about a month ago, I went to pick up Anika from school and was greeted by Ani and her best friend Maliah with a chorus of “We need to have Santa dresses for our concert!!” To which I said “Mehheh??”

Well apparently the girls were instructed to simply dress “Nicely, in Christmas colours” by their teacher – but the two of them had put their heads together and determined that they needed matching dresses. They needed to be red, and fancy, with white Santa fur.

Oookay then!

I know. It seemed like a dumb way to spend time given everything else that I had to get done. But people, you KNOW how I feel about giving my daughter creative license in designing her clothes. I love that – it’s one of my favourite things in the whole world, to be able to make something she dreams up (such as the mermaid costume, or her rainbow dress that twirls).

And I figured this just wouldn’t be that hard…so why not try?

I used the Leila & Ben Sweet Dress pattern (anyone with girls who doesn’t own this pattern needs to pick up a copy – it’s seriously the EASIEST dress going, and it’s lovely. You can take it in about 50 different directions – tunics, etc. – so grab a copy!), and some dark red velour wannabe fabric (yeah, it wasn’t fancy but it was backed nicely and it draped really well – good for this kind of thing!).

I made two dresses out of the not-velour and then we had a fitting to make sure everything was sized right and to mark hems. The fitting was seriously the funniest part of the whole deal.

I think the girls were excited.

To finish the dresses I put the “Santa trim” (about 4″ wide fake white fur) around the bottoms of the dress, using a wide zigzag stitch over the edges of the trim. The zigzag is important because the fur sheds SO much – it’s really brutal. I thought about sealing off the edges of the fur with my serger first, but ultimately decided I really didn’t want to put my serger through that! The zigzag stitch to attach it worked really well though – now that the trim is on there I’m not noticing much shedding at all.

To finish the dresses off I used the snowflake I cut on my Silhouette machine and these rhinestones to put snowflakes on the top of the dress. It took a little more heat to get them to bond nicely to the higher pile material, but it worked fine in the end! And the bit of “bling” totally put the dresses over the top for the girls.

And the girls sang their hearts out and looked ADORABLE. Here they are with their teachers – who are some of the most lovely people I have ever met.

(Please disregard the part where my daughter’s mouth is OBVIOUSLY full of cupcake and surrounded by crumbs that have been edited out. Thank you, the management.)

The dresses are sweet. But mostly, the girls are sweet – and I love that they came up with the idea themselves.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    January 30, 2012 1:34 pm

    Beautiful! You are going to have to teach me how to sew before I have children, so I can make them awesome clothing like this!

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