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The Best Day

December 29, 2011

Yesterday was the best day of our holidays so far. We just had a lovely time together. I got up with the kids (early, of course, because that’s what they do when we’re on vacation). We had cheerios (them) and coffee (me) while watching Strawberry Shortcake videos.

Then we had breakfast and Ani and I got to work decorating cookies.

Of course, some of us preferred eating them to decorating them.

But who can argue with that face??

We still got lots decorated though!

And THEN….did I mention that it snowed? Lots??

Well, SOMEONE had never played in the snow before.

Everyone went outside to play and we had a great time in the snow.

Sam LOVED it. He was a little sad not to have complete control of his thumbs, but he got over it.

And Anika really just wanted to be tossed into the snow pile.

We came in for hot chocolate, and a little tea set painting with Teepee and Chacha!

It was a GREAT day. We’re hoping for lots more like this before the holidays are over!!

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  1. Hubby permalink
    December 30, 2011 2:17 am

    And there was so much more! The snowball tossing with dadaji the night before, the second time out in the snow for Sam, the rocket ship made from now complete with space pirates that looked like disembodied hands (gloves actually). And what great winter day would be complete without a round of Pingu? (noop noop!)

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