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Mom Hair Style #1: Half up.

January 2, 2012

Okay, I apologize – I was sincerely hoping to get this up earlier today and with holidays and travelling and just getting home it didn’t happen until RIGHT NOW. I promise I’ll try to do better with the next styles!

First up for this series is a really simple half up hairstyle.

This can look really casual or pretty fancy/dressy, depending on how you do it. And the best part? It takes about two minutes to do, once your hair is clean and dry.

My hair is straight naturally, so for this style all I do is blow my hair dry and then put it up. But don’t worry about it! This style would be lovely on wavy or curly hair as well. It would also work on shorter hair – you just need the hair at the front of your head to be long enough to make it to the back of your head.

I’ve been doing this hairstyle for so long now that I totally forget where I learned how to do it. It’s sort of inspired by this one I think?

* Note that Abby has an ebook that you can buy with a ton of lovely hairstyles in it – so if you are looking for more, consider checking that out!

I don’t do this style exactly the way she does, so I’ll describe how I do it here.

1. Tease the hair at the crown of your head.

I  just grab a chunk right at the back of my head and start backcombing with a fine tooth comb (you can use a teasing brush if you are fancy). Then smooth it over with a brush – don’t undo all of your lovely volume, just make sure the very top layer of your hair is smooth and doesn’t look like birds have recently nested in it.

You should be left with straight hair that just has a good bump of volume right at the back of your head.

2. Grab the first sections of hair from the top/sides of either side of your head – the first two shouldn’t be right from the front of your head (closest to your face), they should be sort of above your ears (see Chunk 1 location in the picture below).

How big the sections of hair are depend largely on you – what you like; how thick your hair is; etc. I will stress however that the goal of this is NOT to get half of the hair on your head shoved back into a style. Instead, think of it kind of like you are using a few sections of hair to kind of belt the “bump” you teased into your hair earlier. You don’t need a whole ton of hair to do this – just a little. The result will be largely the same – your hair will appear to be half back and out of your way (and pretty!) but it won’t make you look like your hair is really thin and straggly (which can happen really easily if you use really big chunks).

3. Take the sections of hair around to the back of your head and X them together twice so that the “twist” sits just at the bottom of the teased section.

This is a little bit hard to explain, but take a look at this post from Hair Romance. Scroll down a little and look at the way that she crosses her hair and puts the pins in – that’s basically what we’re doing here!

4. Put one finger on the twist that’s formed by Xing your hair, and stick one bobby pin vertically straight into that twist.

Make sure when you do this that the bobby pin grabs some of the hair underneath too!

5. Put a second bobby pin into the twist, perpendicular to the first one, so that they form a cross under the twist.

This will make sure that the bobby pin is secure.

6. Grab two more sections of hair, this time from closer to the front of your hair, and do the same thing, placing the second twist just below the first one.

7. Give your head a shake and make sure nothing feels loose or looks funny. If anything feels off, just add another bobby pin to secure it a little better.

If you are being more careful than I was here, you can do this look largely keeping the bobby pins hidden. If I’m doing this look for a fancier occasion I definitely take more care with this – but it’s really up to you how much you want to worry about it.

You’re done! Or maybe you are done. For my hair, doing two twists is plenty for the amount of hair I have. If you have really thick hair you might want to consider doing three, but see how it feels for you.

The height of the bump that you tease at the crown is going to largely dictate how fancy this is – if you are doing it for an evening out, I would probably tease the bump a bit higher, but if I’m planning to wear it with, say, yoga pants, I might go a little easier on the teasing!

Lets do a quick review of this hairstyle!


This can be a little boring and understated or it can be really awesome when you tease your hair high and pair it with great makeup and fancy clothes. Either way it’s WAY better than shoving it half up in an elastic or clip!


Easy – very easy. Once you get the hang of making the little twists and shoving the bobby pins into it, you can do it in ten seconds.


Less than one – honey, this one doesn’t even warrant turning on the tv; you can do it with a kid ACTIVELY hanging on you. If you’re doing it for a glam night out then you might need a whole five-minute episode to get your hair teased exactly right…but it isn’t going to take you much!

Have fun with this – see you tomorrow for Style 2!!

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  1. Angela permalink
    January 3, 2012 7:35 pm

    I think I must procure some bobby pins and try some of these. Looks like it could be a steep learning curve though. Your hair looks great, and you must be mastering the art of blind bobby pinning!;o) I find it … intrueging? that you are wearing the same shirt as yellow sandbox for this hairstyle!:o) When I try this I must remember to wear strips …

    • January 3, 2012 8:25 pm

      HAH! TOTALLY did not notice this – from here on out this style shall be known as the Stripey Shirt Style. AWESOME.

  2. Cal Morton permalink
    January 4, 2012 2:08 pm

    K, I need you (or someone) to try this on me, to know that you can actually do this on shorter hair. I could probably just do bump #1 alone, given I don’t have the length to do bump #2, ….right?

    ps: who is taking these pictures?

    • January 5, 2012 9:55 pm

      You can totally do this mom – and yes, bump 1 alone would work. We’ll play next time we’re together!!


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