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Mom Hair Style #2: Tips to Wear it Straight!

January 3, 2012

Before we get into today’s hair post, there were a few questions in the last post about dry shampoo. I’ve never actually used dry shampoo – pretty much I was past needing it by the time it really occurred to me to look into it – but from what I understand it can really help a LOT during the adjustment phase when you are trying to space out the number of days between washings. It can even add a fair bit of volume, which is kind of a nice bonus. The following two links will tell you a little bit more about dry shampoos, and how to use them. As for brands, there are a few good ones mentioned in the links but I’ve heard really good things about the Bumble & Bumble ones too. Check them out and see what you think! OH, and report back if you try them – I’d love to know!

Now, on with today’s post!

This is more some tips than a true style – and while they can be used on pretty much *any* hair, if you have curly or wavy hair you may not need the help as much as us straight hair folks.

Of course, I am one of those people who has always had pin straight limp hair and totally assumes that wavy or curly hair is like hair NIRVANA, so that may be a bias. Ahem.

So, straight hair. I only ever wear my hair all down and straight on Day 1 hair (so, hair that I’ve washed and dried that morning). It just works better. So obviously then, the first thing to do is wash and dry your hair. If I’m planning to wear my hair down I generally hit it with a little bit of volumizing spray at the roots before I dry it – but feel free to use your hair weapon of choice here. I just flip my hair over and blow it dry upside down – I can’t be bothered to fuss with brushes and stuff; I’m just not that coordinated.

If your hair isn’t perfectly straight, you may want to use a straightening iron to take any kinks or turns out of it. I generally don’t bother with this – freshly dried my hair is straight enough for me.

Here’s what my hair looks like right after I dry it. And also, I’m apologizing right now for the LOUSY photo quality. I was on my own and didn’t have time to set up a tripod and take pictures properly, so I was one-handed taking pictures in the mirror. In crappy lighting. How awesome am I, right? At least I had the decency to crop out the bouncing children at the bottom of these shots. Go team!

Jeepers, this picture looks like a mug shot. But anyway! It’s fine. It’s straight. It’s clean and shiny and whatever. It’s fine. But if I leave it at that, after a couple of hours it will be totally limp and blah looking. And if I do something unthinkable like cramming a hat on it?? Forget about it. Horrible. Stringy. Limp. NOT PRETTY.

SO, the solution to this is actually pretty easy – just get out the fine tooth comb and your bottle of hairspray – it’s time to add some oompf to your hair.

First grab a section of hair at the crown of your head. Backcomb the living daylights out of it, then still holding it up blast some hairspray at the roots and keep holding it for a second to let it dry.

Let the hair go and you’ll notice that it sticks up, flock of seagulls style. AWESOME. Ignore it for now, and proceed to do the same things to the sides of your head. You don’t need to get ALL of the hair on your head, but aim to get some pretty good chunks at the top, all the way around.

When you are done you will look like this.


I cannot believe I just posted a picture of myself looking like that on the internet. My children are going to be SO PROUD of me one day.

The last thing you need to do is take a brush and smooth over the very top layer of hair. Don’t brush so hard that you take out all of your lovely volume – that would be silly. Just smooth it out so that you can’t see the gong show happening underneath.

When you are done it will look more like this.

SO SORRY about the blurriness! Autofocus + mirror + 5 year old jumping around…gah, sorry.

It’s not all that dramatically different looking really – it just has a little more height at the crown. But the totally awesome part? Is that this volume won’t go anywhere. I did my hair like this, then jammed a hat on my head and went outside with the shorties. We ran some errands and played and came home.

Here’s a shot from about 4pm the same day – it’s not a great shot; but it will show you that while I definitely look more “lived in” than I did at 9am, there’s still a bit of volume happening.

And then of course, this.

Hi, I’m Sam and sometimes I sweep pine needles! Also, my hair is always awesome!

Quick review time!


Eh. It’s fine. It’s not knock your socks off interesting or fun…but everyone likes to wear their hair down sometimes, and this is a good way to do it.


Really easy. Once your hair is clean and dry it only takes a couple of seconds to tease it and smooth it.


None – really. It will take about as long as brushing your hair. Easy!

Enjoy your hair people – see you tomorrow for one of my all time favourite ways to wear it up!!

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  1. January 4, 2012 3:18 pm

    I am excited about tomorrow’s hair. I liked the teasing part!!! Looks great!

  2. Angela permalink
    January 4, 2012 8:58 pm

    I just saw shower caps in the store today and I didn’t even think they made those anymore! Now you’ve got me thinking about the conspiracy!! The horrors. Our grandmothers never washed their hair every day. Now, I am researching this … do you know their are people that NEVER wash their hair (as in only ever use water??) I seriously was thinking that there is no way I could EVER not wash my hair every 4 days. Every second day … maybe … if I used your up-do tricks and let is get a little longer. But in 4 days is would be a puddle of goo:o( I was thinking maybe for people with dry skin, sure. Not for me … but based on wat these people and you are saying …. well, is is interesting. Definately have me thinking about changing shampoo…

    The teasing definately makes a difference … but then do you do somethign special like brush it out before bed?? I am lazy, you know me!

    • January 5, 2012 9:54 pm

      Oh man Ang…I could never not wash my hair at all; that would be a bit nuts I think…..I can’t imagine!! The trick is not to aim straight for 4 days. Start with every other day and get used to that; once you’re happy with life there, slowly add another day and see how it goes. There’s a lot of arguments out there that suggest that people with oilier skin actually trick their skin into producing even MORE oil by washing their hair every day…and that once your hair gets the message that “Oh hey, not needed” it will actually help regulate oil production across the board. That’s the rumour anyway!

      As for the teasing/brushing it out bit – I do sometimes brush my hair out at night but not always, and it’s honestly not that bad even if you don’t brush it out until the next day. It’s really pretty much fine!!


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