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Mom Hair Style 4: Side Twist Ponytail

January 5, 2012

Hey guys! Welcome to Day 4 of the mom hair series. This one is almost as easy as a “regular” ponytail, but it looks way more put together. And because of the way it’s twisted, even if your hair isn’t quite long enough to make it all the way around to a side pony, you might be able to fake it – worth a shot?

This is kind of a combination of a bunch of styles I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest and other places….certainly here, but this is another similar look here.

Unfortunately, neither of those links provide a tutorial, so I’ll try my best to explain how to do the look here.

To do this, you need to be able to twist your hair. It’s not rocket science, certainly, and it’s way easier than braiding – so if you haven’t tried it before, give it a go!

Here’s what the back of my hair looks like:

I twisted my hair from the left side of my head over to the right side, so for the sake of these instructions I’m going to assume you are going that way!

1. Grab all of the hair in front of your left ear, and smooth it so that you are holding it fairly close to your head.

2. Split the hair into two pieces horizontally – you should have one “top” section and one “bottom section.

3. Twist the bottom section over the top section (sort of like you are braiding, but with only two pieces).

4. You are going to repeat the twist (bottom section over top section again), BUT this time, add a chunk of the loose hair to the bottom section before you twist it. (It’s like french braiding, but you are only adding hair to the bottom section every time before you twist).

The chunks you add can be pretty big – this isn’t a really intricate thing; I probably do 7-8 twists total, but see what works for your hair.

5. Keep repeating, allowing the twist to migrate down slightly and across the bottom of your hairline as you go.

6. When you get to the lower right side of your head, just above your right shoulder (where you want the ponytail to sit), stop.

7. Gather all the hair from the front right side of your head and bring it back to join the two twisted pieces.

8. Secure all of the pieces together in a single ponytail with an elastic.

9. To finish off the pony, you have a couple of choices.

In this case, I took a small section of hair and wrapped it around to cover the elastic, and then stuck a bobby pin in it to secure it. When that didn’t work (seriously, why will this never work for me?!) I grabbed a small clip and just used that on the underside of the ponytail.

If you prefer, you can go all 80s on me and make a split in your hair just above the elastic, and then flip your pony around and down through the hole. This will put an “extra” twist on both sides, and make the ponytail lie flatter. Up to you what you prefer!

Let me know if any of these instructions aren’t clear enough – I can update this later and add pictures of the “in process” stuff if you need!

Lets review!


This style is pretty functional. It’s pretty and more interesting than a regular ponytail. I think it’s cute, but try it out and see what you think!


Not hard – if you haven’t done any twists before you might need a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but it’s pretty straightforward.


I’d say one five-minute episode, mostly because it’s one of those styles where you can’t really stop in the middle of doing the twist to deal with your littles. Get yourself a couple of “alone” minutes and you should be able to pull this one off really quickly!




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  1. Cal Morton permalink
    January 5, 2012 2:06 pm

    Looks adorable!

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