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Mom Hair Style 9: Scrunched with Little Clips

January 10, 2012

I figure that everyone needs a couple of hairstyles that you can do while your hair is wet, right? For those days when you are running totally late, have five minutes tops to shower AND make your hair look like something….anything….

I wore this style ALLTHETIME in the summer – when it was super hot and I had two kids at home to juggle and THINGS TO DO, it totally saved me.

This style is messy – super messy – but that’s kind of the beauty of it. The tutorial to do it is here:

Scroll down to the one called “unstructured updo” – that’s the one we’re doing here (though we will cover the other one in a later post too! They are both great).

All you are basically doing here is grabbing hunks of hair, crumpling them into a ball or a birds nest, and using small clips or bobby pins to secure them.

I like using the little clips for this hairstyle because they are SUPER easy, and it doesn’t look weird if you have a bunch of them showing (it can look a little more off if you have tons of bobby pins showing, but clips are okay for some reason. I don’t make the rules people.).

You can choose to make this look a little “tighter” by making sure most of your ends are clipped in, or you can do it like I did here, with some longerish pieces hanging out. Either way it works!

As an extra bonus, if you do this style the day you wash your hair then you are going to have ALL KINDS of texture in your hair for Day 2! I’ll show you what I chose to do tomorrow. Happy playing!

Style Review:


So fun! You will love this; it feels very thrown together, but it’s lovely when it’s done. And it really doesn’t matter how short your hair is- it’s totally doable on shorter hair!


Easy, especially if you are using the tiny clips. There really aren’t rules here; there’s nothing neat or perfect about this – you will be able to do it easily!


Give yourself one just to get all of your hair up – but it really won’t take much!

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  1. Angela permalink
    January 11, 2012 11:18 pm

    This is my favorite one so far I think. I like the simplicity of the clips – easy! And good quick up-do on wet or dry hair!

  2. Catherine W permalink
    January 14, 2012 5:55 pm

    This is gorgeous, just wondering if I can do enough little clips to get my hair up before my arm muscles protest! I will have to train Jessica up! Totally with on the whole not having too many bobby pins showing thing. Clips? Ok. Bobby Pins? Not so much for some unarticulate-able reason. Don’t even think that’s a word!


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