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Mom Hair Style 15: Held Back

January 16, 2012

This is almost the easiest thing you can do to your hair – and it’s totally cute and fun and best of all, EASY.

Here’s the quick tutorial that describes how to do it (click the image below to go to the site):

All you need to do is style your hair as if you are going to wear it straight – tease the back and sides a fair bit and smooth it out a little with a brush. Then take teeny tiny sections from just in front of your ears, and twist or braid them. Then you kind of use them to almost belt your hair back, and secure with a small elastic.

This is supposed to be a pretty rough look – not polished and fancy! (Okay, my pictures are EXTRA not fancy because by the time I remembered to take pictures it had been a long day of wrestling with the kiddos. Yay Saturdays).

You can choose to leave your hair down over your ears or to pull it behind your ears – it’s completely up to you. My preference is definitely to pull my hair behind my ears – but that’s because my hair is pretty thin. I like how the hair over the ears looks in the pictures, so if you have the hair then I say go for it!

As the tutorial suggests, you can do whatever you want with the hair you use to hold back the rest of your hair – twists, rope twists, braids….for me, since (again) my hair is pretty thin, I just take tiny sections of hair and twist them tight. Then while holding the end, I run the fingers of my other hand up the twist to rough it up a little before I pull them back. Figure out what works for you!



This is fun. It’s fast and easy, and kind of a funky twist on just wearing your hair down.


Could not be simpler. Can you successfully locate your head all by your own self? Then you are good to go.


None – this is a 2 second hairstyle. Yay for “unfinished” looks!

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  1. Cal Morton permalink
    January 16, 2012 2:56 pm

    This is less of a fave – I’m a big fan of smooooooth (you probably know this about me) and a bit tidier look? I think our Ani needs this hairdo – or something like it!! (Ani…love the blouse:) Keep them coming; I enjoy reading about these.

  2. Angela permalink
    January 19, 2012 11:27 pm

    I love this one! Mess is for me;0) I just need to grow out my side hair a bit more. Teasin is the key in a lot of these – I’m getting the hang of it!

    Cut pictures of Ani too! They change so fast. I almost thought she was Sam in the first one!

    So I was able to comment from iPad but only by going to the regular site not the fancy shmancy one – they want you to log into WordPress:(

  3. Catherine W permalink
    January 22, 2012 7:51 am

    Ooo I like this one. And I’ll be wearing mine OVER the ears as I have lots of hair and rather sticky out ears! Two appearance problems solved in one go 🙂

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