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Mom Hair Style 20: How to Wear a Hairband

January 24, 2012

Okay friends, I know you have all been here. You start the day nicely and you put on a hairband. And you think “Gee, I look really lovely today. Good hair day me!” Then you set about your day. Sometime later in the day you catch your reflection – in a mirror, in a glass door, in (heaven forbid) the reflection of your boss’ glasses during a review, where you get to spend the entire rest of the meeting completely distracted by what a gong show your hair is.

Seriously. It loops out the sides; it looks all weird and scraggly – it’s bad news. What is it about hairbands?? You can put them in your kid’s hair and they look adorable. They are functional; they keep hair out of faces – ALL GOOD. Put them in your own hair and you get like 10 minutes of good hair before it melts into a hot mess.

Today I want to tell you about how you (yes, you) can wear a hairband. And have it look good for LONGER than 10 minutes.

This picture is me, with a cold, at 9pm. I put the hairband in this morning. My hair, it’s true, could totally use a brush….but my hair is still back in it. It’s not looping out the sides and going bonkers. HAPPY DAY.

Admire the bags under the eyes, for they are awesome. Yay children.

The secret is that you have to stop thinking about your hairband as a tool to hold your hair back, like say, you would think of an elastic. It isn’t. It is a decoration. A fun one, but an accessory nonetheless. So you aren’t using the hairband to hold your hair back – you are placing the hairband into your hair that is ALREADY pinned back.

Remember this hairstyle?

That’s the starting point. Pull as much of your hair as you want to be “held” by your hairband back and pin it securely. You can do the full half up style from before (which is what I did here), or you can do a little less – up to you. Once everything is pinned, put your hairband on.

Done! It works really well – I bet you will really like this if you have fought with hairbands before.

You can also use this method to wear a scarf in your hair if you want to channel a Blake Lively sort of thing – it can be really pretty too. In that case you would pin back some of the hair at the crown of your head, but leave down more of the hair around your face. Put the scarf between the layers of hair kind of, and let the front hair cover your ears.



This is pretty – it’s a really classic look. You can do it with your hair straight or wavy/curly and it will totally change the feel of the style.


Really easy – just pin your hair back and put the band in!


Maybe one five-minute episode, just to make sure you have time to pin your hair exactly how you want it. It’s easy though!

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