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Mom Hair Style 21: Waterfall Braids!

January 25, 2012

I know that it looks like I am cheating with this post – and I am, but only sort of. No really! See, I like waterfall braids and I *do* wear them from time to time – they are really fun and pretty.

But I do not have any pictures of me wearing one for this post. The reason is that I have a cold that is making my eyes all squinty and making makeup basically impossible, and I spent two hours in a dentist’s chair today, and basically I am in NO frame of mind to have my picture taken. I know, I’m lame. It’s life.

BUT – I have an even better example of waterfall braids to show you. Here is Anika’s hair in waterfall braids. Lets face it – she’s way cuter than I am anyway, and she has WAY better hair.

The basic idea behind these braids is that you are french braiding across the top of your head, but with one big difference. Start by separating your hair into three chunks, and braid them once as normal. The next time it is time to add the bottom chunk of hair into the braid, you are just going to drop it (yep, let er go and hang down). Then grab a new piece of hair from behind the chunk you dropped,  and braid that into the braid.

You braid from the top as a normal french braid (add a bit of hair and then braid it), but you always drop the bottom and grab a new piece of hair.

Now, for those of you who are more visual learners, I’m going to point you over to Cheri‘s site, where she has a video tutorial on waterfall braids. It’s worth going to read through her post on them, just to see some more pictures and see some more things that you can do with them! It’s where I learned how to do this style. And as Cheri points out in her post, your hair really doesn’t have to be very long to do this one – she includes a link to a video where a girl with hair that is barely chin length does one.

Really cute, fun look and totally versatile – you can do this a lot of different ways. I tend to do this on one side, and wrap it around the back of my head, and then finish it off with a regular braid – but there are lots of options.



This is a really fun one. It’s more interesting than a regular braid, and I like that it leaves more hair down around my face (useful for thinner hair).


It’s a little tricky to get the hang of – but with a bit of practice it is really easy and quick to do.


Give yourself three 5-minute episodes so that you have a few minutes to play and get the hang of this. But once you’ve got it you can probably do it in five minutes.

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  1. Hubby permalink
    January 26, 2012 3:24 pm

    She may have nicer hair (yes, sorry that is not debatable), but cuter? No. Not yet, at least 😉

  2. January 30, 2012 5:26 pm

    I can’t get into a battle over who is cuter. But Ani does take the cake on the hair front… lucky duck. More pics of her hair are a must!!! Love it.

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