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Mom Hair Style 22: Short Hair!

January 30, 2012

Wow, sorry about the hiatus you guys! Cold + extreme reluctance to do hair let alone take pictures of self once hair was done + mom & sister visiting = no blogging apparently.

But we’re back with Style #22 – this one juuuuust for short hair!

My sister asked me to do her hair while she was here this weekend, and she wanted it up. All up. This was a bit of a trick because Shannon has pretty short hair – above her shoulders short. But with enough bobby pins we got something pretty cute happening on top of her head!

It helps that she is pretty darn cute anyway.

So what did we do? I started by doing a twist along her hairline, and down the side of her head – when we got to around her ear, I stopped adding chunks to the twist, and just twisted the two pieces to the end (I had her hold the twist for me until the rest of her hair was done).

I used the general ideas from this post, and did a  loose twist with a chunk of hair in the middle of the back of her head, and pinned it in place.

Then I loosely twisted in the side pieces. For the side that had the twist in it already (the one that Shannon was holding for me), I really loosely twisted the loose hair back and pinned it, and then positioned the twist-braid where I wanted it and pinned that in place too.

Now, because her hair is so short, the very bottom of her hair wasn’t up in any of the twists. I ended up just kind of twisting that into a little knot and pinning it under the rest of the hair. I think that was probably the piece that drove her a bit nuts (I think it fell out periodically) – but it’s a really short bit of hair. It would probably have stayed out of the way better if we’d used little clips instead of bobby pins – things to try next time!

There really are a lot of ways to put hair up that is short – even that is very short. Hairline braids or twists are lovely, and the waterfall braids actually work really well on short hair. Here is another option from the beauty department – I’d love to try that one out on someone! My hair is too long to really make it work, but I bet it’s really cute.

The big thing with short hair is not to give up too quickly – there may be bits sticking out that seem like they will drive you nuts – but just keep going until everything else is done! You might find that you actually like the overall effect, or you might be able to pin a little bit out of the way with a bobby pin. There are options friend – don’t give up!



It’s fun – it’s always really fun to do something different with your hair, and it’s even more fun when your hair is short and not usually up!


It’s a little bit tricky to keep the ends under control when it’s so short. It may help if you leave your hair a bit damp. It also will definitely help if you have an extra set of hands to help you out!


This is a really loose hairstyle – not something that requires really specific precision, and for that reason it shouldn’t take you more than 2 5-minute episodes. Just have at it and see where you get!

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 25, 2012 5:15 pm

    Oh! I forgot to comment on this one! I’m so sorry!! This was just sweet on Shannon – I think some of it fell down a little, towards the end of the day, but it really was cute on her. Nice to see what you can do! Good work…

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