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Valentines Dress

February 15, 2012

So happy belated Valentines Day!

I’m admittedly not a really big Valentines Day person. I mean, it’s fine. It’s great. Love it a good thing, and sure lets celebrate it…but….I think it’s maybe a bit overdone? Or something?

Anyway, the point of this is not my feelings on Valentines Day. It is about how when you are a girl who is five, Valentines Day is AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL SPECIAL SECOND ONLY TO MY BIRTHDAY MAYBE.

I kind of love that, and nothing makes me happier than an excuse to celebrate her, so I surprised her with a Valentines dress.

I used Little Blue Boo’s A-Line dress pattern, and I will tell you for free that I LOVE it. It is a really fast, simple way to put a dress together. And I love the lines of the dress. I’ve noticed that her patterns tend to run pretty big (which is actually a nice thing – I’d much rather that than have them run small!) so what I did with this one was to size it down to the 3-4 size.

I cut the length of the pattern to the 5-6 size, (which is maybe an inch or so longer), because I knew I wanted to colour block the body of the dress and that would eat some length – I was worried about it being too short.

I’m really pleased with the pattern and how it came out – Anika loved it (even though it doesn’t twirl) and even in the 3-4 size the sleeves are long so I think I did the right thing sizing down. If anyone is confused, Anika is definitely 5 but on the smaller end of the 5-year old scale. She’s not ridiculously tiny or anything, but she tends to be a little short and small.

She’d spotted the red shoes at the grocery store, and I convinced her that she really didn’t need more shoes and then bought them anyway and hid them.

Then I put the dress and the shoes into her room after she was asleep so they were there when she woke up. Needless to say, she was THRILLED.

Funny conversation with Anika in the car yesterday:

Anika – “Michael wants me to marry him.”

Me “Um….really?”

Ani – “Yes. He asked me today. And Alex did yesterday and Trevor did the day before that.”

Me – “Uh…”

Anika – “I just don’t know who I should choose!”

Me – “Well, that’s a pretty big decision…and you probably have a few years before you have to decide…”

Anika – “Well, I think I should probably marry Trevor, because he asked me first.”


Right now I want you all to picture Brandon freaking out at his desk at work, because I keep forgetting to tell him about this conversation in real life.

In other news, when uploading the pictures to my computer from the camera I found this pictures on there:

That would be my son, coated in humus. I think. Perhaps Brandon could shed some light on this as I am not really one to TAKE PICTURES of my kids covered in stuff. It makes me twitchy. So I thought I’d share the twitchy with you. You are welcome.

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  1. Hubby permalink
    February 15, 2012 2:53 pm

    For the record, yes, it is hummus. I asked Sam for five minutes to go to the bathroom and returned to find… him. He had been given a plate of flat bread wedges and a spoonful of hummus. Apparently, the hummus insulted his honor or through off his sense of feng shui so the extent that he was forced to remove the gluey substance bit by bit. His victory was only partially marred by the adhesive nature of the chick pea mash.

    Why the picture? Well, in my anger, I decided against words or quick actions and instead resigned myself to documenting it. And now I feel oh so good. We could title this picture with many captions, but I think “This is what YOUR son did!” is appropriate.

  2. Cal Morton permalink
    February 15, 2012 3:21 pm

    Cute little dress, and adorable story!! I know how much our Ani would have to love Valentine’s Day. (re young Master Sam…blllllech. Pretty gross. I’m twitchy about messy food pictures too.)

  3. Kim permalink
    February 15, 2012 3:21 pm

    Timmers and I snorted in unison we laughed so hard at Ani’s conversation and the following photo!!

    Ahhh we miss all of you too much! X to the O

  4. Catherine W permalink
    February 18, 2012 5:13 pm

    Ha ha ha that dress is gorgeous. And Ani is beautiful, I’m not surprised she has so many suitors. Your daughter is also very fair-minded, feeling she has to marry the person who asked first. You might need to clear that up with her!

    Loving Sam covered with humus, Jess loves that stuff too. No twitchiness from me I’m afraid, I’ve grown to love the mess!

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