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I {heart} Knitting.

February 28, 2012

Well, technically I also love sewing. (I really really love sewing). But there’s something about knitting. I like the simplicity of it; that I can sit on the couch and work on something – with sewing I’m always moving, from machine to other machine to the ironing board, to cutting, back to sewing….it’s great, but it’s not as meditative and relaxing as knitting is.

And there’s nothing quite as exciting as getting new wool and starting a project. I love that, so very much. I even like knitting tension squares, for crying out loud.

I started working on a Narragansett pattern by Thea Coleman last weekend. For ME even! The wool I found is gorgeous – I originally wanted something in a lighter colour (white maybe, or a natural of some description). I was thinking about something to throw on with cutoffs on summer evenings after the sun goes down and it gets a bit cooler. But then I stumbled onto this wool and fell totally and completely in love with it. It’s just lovely; it’s like looking at a pond – kind of a mix of greens and blues but with flecks of browns in there. I really really love it.

Also, I need to show off my fabulous stitch markers. Aren’t they absolutely adorable??

My friend Francine, who works at our local knitting store, makes them. Check out her Etsy shop here! She makes some absolutely lovely stitch markers and shawl pins – I have both and love them. I bought one set of stitch markers, and then realized I needed a few more to do my sweater….so I went back and bought another set. (I also bought a set for my mom!). They really are beautiful, and they make it so much prettier and more fun – and we know that I am all about the fun and pretty in these parts!! Francine is on Ravelry under the name Purple Haze as well – check out her profile for more information about where her stuff is sold. She is lovely, and I can’t say enough about how much I love the stitch markers!!

Hope your week is going okay so far! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading.


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