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Oh March, You Toy With Me So.

March 18, 2012

Oh hey, is this thing on??

Sorry for the inadvertent absence – you know what doesn’t mix terribly well? Blogging and March Break. Lesson learned! The good news is that we had time to do lots of projects that I can share with you over the course of this week.

Anika was home with me for a week and we actually had a blast. But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to discuss March. Now, most of you know I live North. Not like waaaaaay north, it probably seems downright tropical to those of you in, say,  Anchorage – but definitely, north. Winter and snow and blah blah blah.

One thing I had to learn after moving here from Boston (and from southern Ontario, where I was before) is that there isn’t really spring here. Normally it’s like snow until sometime in April, then like a week or two of something vaguely spring like and then OH LOOK CRAZYTOWN HOT SUMMER. (Please feel free to remind me why I live here again. I’m kidding; I love it here in many ways – just have a personality conflict with the weather sometimes).

I’m getting used to it, I am….but oh I miss spring. I loved spring in Boston – a good six plus weeks of temperatures where you need a light jacket, long pants, but where it doesn’t make you cringe to go outside. Where flowers would slowly show up, and things would slowly green up, and it was so very beautiful and lovely.

March in these parts seems to be falling into some pretty extreme camps. Three years ago, this is what our front lawn and driveway looked like on March 10.

This is the bottom of our driveway. We are in a townhouse, so we share the driveway with our neighbour. We ended up shoveling a single car path in the middle of the shared driveway because – and I am quite serious about this – we could no longer throw the snow high enough to keep our own driveways totally clear. We needed to borrow some driveway real estate to pile the snow – and even then we needed to cut steps into the sides of the piles to throw the snow high enough.

Those sticks there, coming out of the top of the snow pile? That would be the tree on our front lawn.

Okay, granted that’s an extreme year. Most of the time, March isn’t that snowy. But it’s not like this either.

Yeah, that’s today. Today it was about 26 degrees (that would be around 82F). So um…summer? Surprise?

It was both awesome and totally bizarre. To be able to go outside in t-shirts and shorts was absolutely heavenly.

We rode bikes, kicked balls, skipped rope, went to visit some friends in the country and went for a walk in the woods, ate dinner out on their screened in porch….it was absolutely wonderful.

And also insane. I love it – believe me, I am not complaining. I absolutely LOVE it. But secretly I am a little bit terrified that winter isn’t done with us yet, and I will tell you for free, I am NOT getting out the snow shovel again. I don’t care. I will stay in my house and not go anywhere and that is just FINE.

I loved the total incongruity of today. Here’s Ani and Brandon running around in the sun with the ball….

And whoops, here’s what’s at the top of our front lawn still.

And our tree – gorgeous blue sky, tree starting to bud and…..

Okay, but let me explain. EVERYONE here leaves Christmas lights up until the first nice day. Seriously, I counted about 7 people on our street this afternoon dealing with the lights. The reason is that most people put up lights around the end of November, and it’s all very lovely and merry. And they stay up through December. And then? A metric ton of snow falls on top of all of the cords you’ve used to run power to your lights, so you can’t get them out even if you COULD wade your way out through the drifts to the tree where the lights are. So you see, you have to wait for a thaw. And if you’re waiting for a thaw anyway, you might as well wait for a really nice warm day so that you don’t freeze your hands off getting them down.

I am loving March this year – I really am, and I very much need this after the winter. I am absolutely beyond thankful that spring (spring!) appears to be here early.

Gratuitous Sam picture from a few days ago – he was napping when I had the camera out today!


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  1. March 19, 2012 7:35 am

    Love it…it was not that warm in Whitby but nice enough for sure.

  2. Hubby permalink
    March 19, 2012 10:19 am

    And yesterday had even more fun; Sam playing in icy melt water streams, he and Anika throwing the last vestiges of snow around. Let’s not forget Sam’s impromptu sandbox…

  3. March 19, 2012 2:28 pm

    Wow!! Incredible… it’s nice and warm in Toronto today too… about 22 and sunny. But in the shade it’s a bit more like 14. I too am a bit freaked out by the warm weather. I’m not quite ready for spring / summer yet… almost, but not quite!! #dustoffthetoes

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