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Anatomy of an Easter Weekend.

April 11, 2012

Warning up front….there are a lot of pictures in this post. No, really. I am sorry. It’s just that I actually TOOK a lot of pictures this weekend and that’s way more fun than just telling you about it. You are warned!

So Easter weekend! Much fun – always great to have a long weekend, and it was actually really nice because we didn’t go anywhere. Not that we don’t love visiting people but it was nice to just be us.

Friday the kids and I got up and did the crafty thing right after breakfast. Ambitious? Yes. But I figured that food colouring was better played with early in the day, when no one is tired or cranky yet. So we made coffee filter butterflies.

The really cool thing about coffee filter butterflies is that there is really no artistic ability required. Sam was just as good at it as Anika was. Both of them painted about 6 butterflies each.

(The soother is a protection mechanism. It’s there because as long as it is there, the odds of him sticking his paintbrush in his mouth go way down.)

It’s really easy – just water with a drop or two of food colouring, and then put it on the filters with paint brushes. All of the colours bleed into each other and make pretty designs. In the end I can’t even tell which ones are Sam’s and which are Ani’s. Score!

We went for a walk, which proved to be kind of a dumb idea because it was FREEZING out still (seriously. April. Enough already. Warm up. I am very very tired of my winter coat. Thank you.). But then later in the day we broke out the egg dye and got to work on the Easter Eggs.

We got smart and left Sam out of this little project. This ain’t my first rodeo and I KNOW that this kid is not to be trusted with a) things that are fragile and b) things that stain.

So Sam observed the project and had a snack instead. He didn’t mind.

Saturday morning I thought “Hey, I know! I’ll take the kids to the Farm! Baby animals!” What a great idea right? It was a great idea, which is why about 800 million other people ALSO had that idea. It felt like commuter hour on the subway. Tons of people and strollers jammed into the barns, walking around to see the animals.

We had fun anyway.

We saw baby sheep. (Baaa! said Sam.)

We saw baby bunnies. (Baaa! said Sam.)

We saw even more bunnies. (Meow? said Sam.)

It was fun, but I will definitely be going on a random weekday next time – not on a day where everyone else in the area also decides to go.

Brandon played in a hockey tournament on Friday night and Saturday, which was really fun for him (and us, as it turned out). His Friday game was late, so we didn’t go watch that one but we figured we’d try for the one on Saturday at noon. (Christy – playing it fast and loose with the “naptime” concept – yahoo! I laugh in the face of danger. Then I cry when it comes back to get me. But anyway).

We went to watch the hockey game, and the kids had so much fun watching (“Hoyey!!” said Sam) that we ended up hanging out with Brandon for the few hours between his games and then watching his 5pm one as well. The second one was even more fun because we had other friends from church come to watch too, with several of Anika’s friends. It was pretty hilarious because the other team had people cheering for them that sounded largely like “Yeah! Go blue! Good D! Put it in there!!” You know, normal hockey cheering.


It was also awesome because my lovely husband scored a very pretty goal. I have no picture of it but it was great.

Sunday…you know what complicates Easter egg hunts? A kid that is allergic to both dairy (no chocolate, no cross-contamination risks, etc.) and eggs (no…eggs.). You know what else complicates Easter egg hunts? Parents that have to teach Sunday school so pretty much it’s up and out kids – no egg hunting until we get home!!

We improvised. I used those little plastic eggs and numbered them 1 – 20. Then I put a clue in each one that pointed to the next egg.

The final clue led them to their Easter baskets.

They were pretty happy – we got them some outdoor toys (a hula hoop, or a hoopa hoopa as Sam calls it, a little golf set thing) and some clothes for Anika (she keeps growing. What is that?). We got them little boxes of candy, and in Sam’s case “candy” means “multigrain pretzels.” He was appropriately thrilled.

Then yesterday….oh yesterday. Best day of the weekend as far as Sam is concerned. My aunt came to visit overnight and she brought her two dogs.

Or DOOOOOGGG!!!! As Sam says.

To say the kids, and especially Sam, were thrilled would be an understatement.

He got up from his nap, the dogs were there, and he did not miss a beat. He was under the kitchen table and stayed there with them for, oh, two hours until dinner.

He was DELIGHTED. He could not get over the part where the dogs had toes. (“TOES!” he’d exclaim while sticking his own chubby little foot into the air).

This morning the dogs left, and Sam is…pretty much pining. Devastated. I had to pry him off the front door with promises of Mickey. “Dogs. Doooogs! Car! Home. Ham too?” (Yes, he still does call himself Ham and if you correct him you are dead to me.)

I’d say it was a fairly successful weekend. And also, Ham likes dogs.

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  1. rtravismorton permalink
    April 11, 2012 11:14 pm

    Oh dear me, that was a ludicrously fun read.. Ham loves dogs. A hoot.

    So cute.. Happy Easter, guys. )

  2. Hubby permalink
    April 11, 2012 11:57 pm

    K, as their mother, you really should not post pics like DSC_0095. Sam looks insane! I know I took the pic, but in the age of digital cameras, who has time to delete all the ‘B’ pics? =)

    My favorite is the next pic. Look at those cheeks! And the mischevious eyes, hahaha.

  3. April 12, 2012 2:47 pm

    Okay, Brandon… DSC_0095 is my absolute favourite. Sheer excitement. Ha ha ha. And I love the Ham thing. Isaac was really into saying “Noy” instead of “No” for the longest time. Maryann

    • April 12, 2012 2:48 pm

      SO FUNNY – YES. Sam still does the “Haaayyyy!” for “hands”. It’s kind of awesome.

  4. April 16, 2012 6:29 pm

    sounds like a lot of fun packed into the weekend! LOVE the crazy Sam pic!!

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