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Summer Hair #3: Chestnut Bun

June 27, 2012

Chestnut buns are pretty much everywhere right now. The best part about them is they are SO easy to do – they take maybe ten extra seconds on top of what it takes to put your hair in a pony tail!

(And yes, I do apologize for the insanity of this picture. I was…I don’t even know; I did something to the white balance on the camera and by the time I figured it out I had put the tripod away and I am entirely too lazy to take everything out again and try again.)

There are a couple of different ways to do this style – some are messier and looser; some are a little more “polished”. I find that mine generally start the day in the more polished end of the camp, and by the end of the day are firmly into the less structured style. It works though!

To do this style, start by putting your hair into a pony tail. Make sure the elastic is pretty tight, and use a bigger one – not a tiny clear elastic (you want the elastic to help hold the style in place). Just like yesterday, make a hole in the hair between the back of your head and the elastic, only this time instead of flipping your pony tail down through the top, you are going to flip it UP, through the bottom of the hole. Tighten your pony tail to bring the elastic tight against your head.

At this point the elastic should pretty much be invisible (hidden in the roll of hair) and your pony tail will look kind of like an insane fountain, sprouting out the top. (Also an awesome look by the way!).

I usually take a fine tooth comb and backcomb the ponytail pretty hard at this point, especially at the bottom (close to where it disappears into the elastic). The reason is that when I take the ends of my hair and pin it into the bun shape, my hair has a tendency to split and fall to the sides – the backcombing gives it a bit of structure.

Smooth out the top of your hair, and then take the ends of your pony and start pinning them up! To help I usually tuck the ends of my hair between the elastic and my head – and then pin from there.

Voila! Chestnut bun.

But you know, I’m never organized enough to do videos or “in progress” pictures of doing the style – so here are some links to videos and tutorials to make this easier to understand.

This link is where I first saw how to do this, and I love it – it’s more unstructured and really pretty. I found that my hair is a bit too long to just start pinning like she does though – the weight tends to pull my ends out of the pins. So here’s another link to one that works better for slightly longer hair!

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  1. June 29, 2012 7:25 am

    This one’s really pretty! Wow, what a little teasing will do.

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