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Globe….Oh no wait. Canada Trotting.

July 31, 2012

Wow, you know what happened? It’s like this.

First, my serger broke and needed to go to the sewing machine “please fix it” shop. I KNOW.

So, I thought huh. Okay. Well then. I have a zillion projects to complete by the end of July, but it’s FINE because I will just get everything cut out and organized and then when my serger comes back next week I will be all kinds of ready to just sit down and finish things.

Except that in the end, my serger took two weeks to come back, not one. So that by the time I got it back I actually had nine projects cut out and ready to go. AND, I figured out that end of July ACTUALLY had to be, oh, last Tuesday because we were heading to Edmonton for our cousin’s wedding.

So I wanted to take some pictures and post them and tell you about what I was doing, but I did. not. have. time.

We’ll do a retrospective this week and next week to catch you up. Sound good?

In the meantime, here’s Anika and I decked out for the wedding.

I wish I had a picture of all three of us because Brandon is dashing in his kurtha. But alas, I do not.

Have you been to an Indian wedding? It’s quite a party. The first thing you need to know is that whatever you are wearing, it is probably not flashy enough. Go bigger. Go brighter. For heaven’s sake do not wear red – that’s for the bride.

The actual wedding day goes something like this (if you are on the groom’s side):

Step 1: Install groom on horse. Extra points if you have an adorable ring bearer to hang out on horse too.

 If you are on the groom’s side, do not even think about entering the wedding venue yet  – hang out with all the colourful people around the horse instead.

Step 2: Dance, sing (in Hindi please), and walk slowly around the building to the entrance of the venue. Ideally you will have music blasting from somewhere, or a live drummer to accompany you.

Step 3: Find your buddy and stare confusedly at all of the dancing and singing people – do they KNOW it’s 10am??

This would be the part where I’d show you a lot of pictures and explain all of the traditions – how the groom’s parents greet the bride’s parents; how everyone files in; how we find seats and wait while the groom goes up under the tent and the Pundit prepares everything. I would tell you about this except truthfully I do not understand all of it; all of the pieces. It’s a really lovely ceremony though. And since I’m all about the practical, I will also tell you that it’s completely appropriate to get up and walk around during the ceremony if the mood strikes you. Need some refreshment? Odds are good there will be tables with water and things set up somewhere – and nobody will look at you funny if you go and have a drink. (Not alcohol – it’s still a wedding people; wait for the reception!).

Step 4: After the ceremony you take a lot of pictures of family. Obviously. Admire my daughter’s crazy eyes.

Step 5: Go have photographer take appropriately Bollywood style photos of you.

Seriously – how beautiful are they?? Lovely lovely couple….many happy years of marriage!!

Step 6: Go forth and relax at the reception. Eat good food and drink and be merry already. Unless you’re me and have a wicked case of laryngitis/bronchial whatsis and really need to just be drinking water, with one glass of wine thrown in there. You know, for toasts. Obviously. Oh, and for those keeping score at home, that would be me, my father in law (dark hair, white beard), and Tau-ji (white hair; glasses). I adore them ever so much.

Anyway – it was a really lovely wedding, and a really great time. All of the cousins are so much fun to be around – and Ravi and Kristine are perfect for each other. A great week!

Back soon with more sewing stuff….and thanks to Charu and other cousins whose pictures I shamelessly borrowed from facebook. Ahem.

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  1. August 2, 2012 3:01 pm

    The wedding looks like a ton of fun!! I’ve never been to an Indian wedding but we stayed overnight at a hotel once where the guests and bridal party were staying and they looked like they were having a blast.:)

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