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LBB Racerback Dress – By the Numbers

September 5, 2012

First, a brief update on yesterday. In short it was TOTALLY AWESOME and she had a great time. She made a friend on her bus coming home who is in her class, and she was a complete ray of sunshine all night last night – a very large (and welcome) departure from the last couple of weeks! So I think it will all be great.

And Sam….oh Sammo. He misses her terribly, and it’s coming out in little (and kind of hilarious) ways. Yesterday when we left the grocery store he INSISTED that he needed to sit in her carseat. So there he sat, with straps going up over his ears, all the way home. He desperately wanted to go by her school, where he waved frantically out the window and yelled “Hi Ahka! Yuv you Ahka!! Miss You!” Then we got home and he was standing on the driveway when a city bus went by. The boy basically LEVITATED, shouting “Ahka home! Ahka home!” This prompted a long discussion about city bus vs. school bus.

Today he seems to have it down, though he did want to use her water bottle at lunch time.

Anyway! Before we left at the end of August, we were invited to a birthday party for an absolutely lovely little girl. She was turning 4, and I wanted to make her something fun but I knew that in between packing and unpacking and repacking I wasn’t going to have a lot of time. I decided to make her a Lil Blue Boo Racerback, and for kicks I thought I’d break down the numbers for you.

So here’s the scoop:

Just barely over an hour, and that’s with the added drama of needing to change printer cartridges and convince my serger to BEHAVE AND WORK PROPERLY ALREADY. (That would shave about 15 minutes off the top, right there). Basically, you should totally pick up this pattern and make one of these because they are easy and fun and totally doable during naptime.

I used the free printable here to do an iron on for the front of the dress. Really easy!!!

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