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Now We Are Three.

June 18, 2013

In the midst of all the crazy that is our lives right now, our boy turned three yesterday. (I am assuming, by the way, that this means an immediate cease-fire on the terrible two nonsense. I mean, right??)

Also, how is it possible that I have this three-year old KID and not one of these??


Sam had a great day yesterday. Right now he’s doing two full days at his Montessori school a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) both because I typically have drs appointments on Tuesdays and because I need the extra minutes to pack. So it’s working for all of us right now.

They had his sun ceremony at school yesterday, and we were invited which was really fun. It’s a short little ceremony thing where the birthday kid lays out the months of the year in a circle and then walks around them once for each year of their life. After each circle they put up a picture of the kid at that year (so like a picture of Sam at one when he walks around once, that kind of thing).


Sam was so not down with this. He loved the idea that it was his birthday but he’s not totally comfortable with being the center of attention. So when it became apparent to him that he was really supposed to be the center of attention he declared very firmly “Oh no. It’s not my birthday. I two.” Like, nothing to see here people – lets move on. Circle time?

He finally agreed to walk around the circle when Brandon went with him so it all worked out okay in the end – he kind of settled into it. It was pretty funny though.

His FAVOURITE part of his party with his friends was the part where he brought cupcakes for his class. This was a Very Big Deal for Sam. Because of his allergies every time it’s someone else’s birthday, and they bring cake or cupcakes, he can’t have any. They try to make sure they have some kind of other special snack for him, and he doesn’t usually protest – he’s REALLY good about staying away from food he knows isn’t safe for him – but the fact that HE had cupcakes that were safe for him – well. He was SO PROUD. He served everyone a cupcake.


Then he got to sit down and have one too.


I should mention, in case you are confused, that yes, Sam is the youngest one in his class, which ranges from 3-6 year olds. They moved him into this class a bit early mostly because he is so verbal – he can express himself really well; he talks a lot; and he was getting stressed out by being with the toddlers who couldn’t talk. So they moved him and it’s been largely a very positive experience for him. I think sometimes he gets frustrated by being treated as the ‘baby’ in the class (“My fwiends say I am a baby mommy. I NOT a baby!!”) but overall it’s been great.

For context here, we are moving in about a week and a half. We are up to our eyeballs in packing and boxes and general chaos – not to mention baby growing – so we really didn’t plan a party for Sam this year. I felt a little bit badly about it but the truth is that he just doesn’t care that much; he’s still young enough that anything out of the ordinary is delightful. So the only things he’d really asked for were a Mater cake (from the movie Cars) and for two of his friends (Ava and Aidan) to come and have it with him. We thought that sounded like a fine plan – we invited the two families to come for cake.

When I asked Sam what he wanted for dinner, he said hot dogs, french fries, and “green poothie.” Green smoothies, aka The Way Our Family Gets Vegetables these days, pretty much consist of blended kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, a few green grapes, and ice. Sure kid – happy birthday. Enjoy your kale.


After dinner we opened a few presents. He was again not too sure about the center of attention piece but definitely liked the presents – so it evened out.


Our friends started drifting in, which meant more presents, and of course MATER CAKE. I will tell you for free that this cake was a bit of a challenge. I am good with fabric. I am not so good with baked goods. I do not like being all sticky. And the fact that we have to bake vegan to avoid dairy and eggs for the boy is a bit of a challenge. There are some GREAT vegan cakes out there – don’t get me wrong – and the cake part of Sam’s cake is great. But the icing is tricky. It’s really hard to approximate a buttercream icing – or something that you can work with for decorating purposes. Vegan butter substitutes tend to be a whole lot meltier than actual butter so getting the icing to hold shape and be smooth was….not the easiest.

Okay; finished whining. We Made It Work. And also? Sam is three. He is not terribly discerning. He cared that it looked like Mater (it did) and that it was safe for him (well, duh.).


Actually, when he got home from school, he pulled a chair over to the counter and basically stood on it and gazed at his cake for…oh….20 minutes? he was THRILLED.

He was even more thrilled when his friends came to share it with him.


He went to sleep with his new mater truck and Lightning McQueen car perched on the pillow next to his head, with his soccer ball tucked in at the foot of his bed. It was a very exciting day all the way around. And it required very little planning on my part so win-win. (I will do better for him next year; I promise).

For his birthday, Brandon and I got Sam a balance bike – one of these to be precise. I’ve heard good things about them – I wasn’t totally sure about it really but….it seemed a worthwhile gamble. The house we’re moving to is close enough to Anika’s new school that she will be able to walk next year – and I was trying to figure out a way for Sam to self-propel. I just can’t quite wrap my head around two babies + Anika + Sam getting to school – and I think this will be fun for him. (Seriously – go youtube some videos. These Strider bikes are hilarious.) I think he’ll be able to move faster on it and he will really really like it. At least, I hope so.

We took it out for an inaugural spin this evening.


And you know, the boy loved it. He refuses to sit on the seat yet (apparently this is a really normal progression with these things) so he basically walks with the bike between his legs, steering with the handlebars. He was SO PROUD. He was running with it, and getting the hang of steering it and manipulating it FAR more than he’s ever been able to do on his trike. So I think as he gets comfortable and starts running with it while he’s sitting on the seat he’s really going to love it. Plus it only weighs like 6lbs so if he gets tired of riding I can pretty much carry it with one hand.


He’s not pacing Anika on her bike yet, but if she rides her scooter he does pretty well. I think it’s going to be a matter of consistent practice and we’ll see how he does. I’m just happy he likes it!


The last shot is for posterity – I thought you’d enjoy the shadow of the humble photographer, who truthfully resembles a cartoon more than anything else these days!

So that’s the update! Babies, good. Moving, crazy. Sam, three. How are you?


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  1. June 18, 2013 11:55 pm

    Hurray!! 😀 You are miraculous to get all of this done in all of the craziness.. Happy Birthday, Sammo! You guys look *awesome* with your haircuts.. 🙂

  2. June 19, 2013 2:56 am

    Happy birthday Sam! J and R are MOST impressed with the Mater cake. It looks delicious 🙂

  3. June 19, 2013 7:56 am

    So I didn’t realize Sam was quitesomuch the youngest (and smallest?) in his class – but that’s pretty clear from the pictures! How lovely that he had safe cupcakes to share with them. I would say pretty impressive birthday, in the midst of everything…! I’m sure he had lots of fun. Xox to you all…

  4. June 19, 2013 9:43 am

    Fantastic… what a GREAT post!! It’s fun getting to know other sides of Sam… loved the cake, the bike, EVERYTHING. Just so much fun. Great job, Chris, I’m so impressed… and you don’t look like a cartoon. Don’t worry, soon you’ll have TWO MORE of those things in the top photo! 😉 xx

  5. Angela permalink
    June 19, 2013 10:55 am

    The cake was amazing! And my kids loved it – and they are very picky about vegan and kale!;o) Ethan wanted to take it home LOL. So cute – Sam sharing the cupcakes with his school friends:o) That bike is super cool too…I’m sure he’ll enjoy riding it this summer:o) You look great…almost there…

  6. Hubby permalink
    June 19, 2013 11:58 pm

    Thanks for chronicling our family history as we’re making it. Valuable now, but going to be so great to share with our kids later.

    Thank you.

  7. June 23, 2013 5:36 pm

    love it! my dad bought Isla a strider bike, she is a little afraid of it (we had tried a different one first and it was too big and heavy and knocked her down… so she’s a little nervous) but Eliane loves to ride it! just glad to know it works 🙂

    • June 23, 2013 9:30 pm

      Aww -that’s pretty cute. I know; it seems to be the main ‘turn off’ for people with balance bikes – when they are too heavy. Sam is great with this one – can pick it up by himself when he falls or puts it down, so that’s good. It’s so funny though – he so far will. not. sit. on the seat. He just kind of…runs with it. He’s definitely getting the hang of steering it and controlling it, and I noticed tonight he was putting more weight on the handlebars – so I guess he’ll get there?? But seriously kid!! We should get together with them & the bikes sometime – let them play on them together & see what happens!! xo.


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