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Babies Update.

February 23, 2014

For those who care about these things (okay, so probably just me in a few years when I’m trying to remember All The Things) here’s where we are at with le bebes!

Photo 2-23-2014, 5 07 23 PM

Miss Talia is turning into a regular chunk and is completely hilarious. She’s pretty much a complete ball of happy unless she is sad and then WOE. But it’s almost always solvable. Unless it’s that she wants to eat my hair, which is a little trickier. (WHY CHILD WHY?).

Photo 2-22-2014, 12 02 21 PM

She led us on a bit of a merry chase in November – one Sunday evening she spiked a very low grade fever. I looked at Brandon and Brandon looked at me and I counted on my fingers and darn it, she wasn’t quuuiiiiiite three months adjusted yet which means that TECHNICALLY I am supposed to take her to emerg immediately. But I didn’t want to because it was snowing and awful out, and the children’s hospital is on the other side of the city. But, being the responsible human being that I am, I put Lucy to bed (I am responsible but not crazy) and bundled up Talia and drove across the city.

Photo 2-10-2014, 1 18 06 PM

I had high hopes that being a Sunday night, kinda late, it would be quiet in there. That was kinda true, and kinda not. But as always they were lovely to us and got us back in fairly short order.

The usual hoops they go through when you have Small Baby With Fever are basically to check her for RSV (glorified snot suctioning & lab analysis), check her for a UTI, and if necessary, blood work. So they catheterized her to check for the UTI (which took four nurses and two tries and they scratched her, aeeiiii), and they snot suctioned her, and we basically hung out. The doctor kept saying “Well, she looks so well; I’m sure she is fine.” I said “Great, me too, let me know when we can go home.”

So then the UTI results came back positive. (Me – are you serious? Huh. Okay I’ll get the cranberry juice. Wait…not what you do for babies??) THEN the doctor said she needed to do blood work because if her CBC was too high they would need to ADMIT HER. I was…gobsmacked, truthfully. I mean, it’s a UTI. Uncomfortable, probably, yes but no big deal?? Not so with babies. It can be a big deal.


Her CBC was (of course) crazy high so they admitted her. Now, Sam had a cold at the time so they put her in quarantine. Basically that meant a private room and any nurses or doctors that came in had to be gowned and masked and gloved – which everyone thought was pretty funny but we rolled with it because hey, private room.


The extra special part of this challenge was that they would not under any circumstances allow me to bring Lucy in. GAHHHH. Fortunately (??) Lucy is bottle fed….so other people taking care of her wasn’t a huge problem logistically but still – without knowing how long Talia would be hospitalized for we couldn’t make any reasonable plans more than a day in advance. It ended up being pretty nutty – we had some wonderful friends step up on different days to take care of her, and I basically ran back and forth from the hospital to home to handle the other kids and Lucy, and Brandon took care of Lucy overnight. Throw in the first major snowstorm of the season (which I got to drive across the city in four whole times) and it was…well. It was interesting.

Fortunately we all survived and got some good stories to tell. I learned a lot too – I always kind of thought it was more of a liability thing to take babies with fevers to the hospital and check them for every possible thing that could be wrong. But what I learned was that first, it’s really easy for babies to get UTIs because of diaper blowouts basically. The blood/brain barrier is usually closed for babies by four months, but they never get to know exactly if that’s happened – and the risk is that the infection will move from the urinary tract to the blood to the spinal fluid…and whammo meningitis. SO GOOD TO KNOW AND I WILL NOW AND FOREVER BE AN ADVOCATE OF GETTING BABIES WITH FEVERS TO THE ER AND DOING ALL THE TESTS. Safety first man.

Photo 2-20-2014, 11 14 07 AM

And wow, can I just say those doctors and nurses are fantastic. They never once talked down to me or made me feel stupid for not understanding something. They told me everything I needed to know. They took great care of Talia.

Really Talia has just been motoring along ever since. She’s completely adorable and completely fun. She’s discovered the jolly jumper and LOVES it. She’s really fun.

Photo 2-11-2014, 2 18 49 PM

At her six month appointment (which was technically at six and a half months) she was 61cm long and 5.74kg. (Which is…let me see….24″ and 12lbs, 10oz). She’s evening out a bit (her weight is catching up to her height, percentile-wise) and she is allllmost at the 3rd percentile not corrected for prematurity (if we correct her she is almost at the 15th percentile). Not a giant – I joke about the chunk thing because compared to Lucy she is, but it’s funny when you see her around other babies her age….she’s still pretty tiny.

Photo 1-30-2014, 12 09 17 PM

And Lucy….ahhh Miss Lucy. She is adorable (okay biased). She is all fair skin and dimples and big blue eyes, and she is a total flirt – if someone she doesn’t know smiles at her she is immediately batting her eyelashes and flashing the dimples and engaging them every way she can think of. Girl is trouble, is what I’m saying.


She is still very tiny. As of the 6 month appointment (which was at 6.5 months) she was 60cm long and 4.44kg. (So about 23″ and 9lbs 12oz). Not exactly burning up the charts weight wise. She’s actually growing really well length-wise – in terms of percentiles she’s over the 0.1 percentile line now, which translates to probably around the 8th percentile corrected. Weight-wise…well even corrected she still isn’t on the chart. But, we are still working on it and everyone is encouraged that she IS still growing, and developing.


Both girls are capable of rolling (though they don’t do it much). Talia is physically stronger for sure – she is working on sitting and seems to be able to manipulate things a little better than Lucy. But Lucy is more vocal – she’s really chatty – and she loves to play with toys and things too. She also likes the jolly jumper, (though you need to make sure she stays centered in it or else she slides out one leg hole and basically hops around like a maniac while the other foot dangles in mid-air).


They are getting more fun, finally. Still lots of work but…fun.

Photo 1-31-2014, 3 26 40 PM***BREAKING UPDATE****

Since it took me two weeks to get around to uploading all of the pictures I have on various devices (cell phone, iPad, etc.) to actually PUBLISH this post (don’t be judging – you get two babies and do this:

Photo 1-31-2014, 3 16 38 PM

and THEN talk to me), Lucy had another weight check. GIRL GAINED A SOLID POUND, and is now OVER 10lbs. DOUBLE DIGITS BABY! And only 7.5 months old. (SIGH but anyway). Pretty awesome…and it’s her most significant weight gain since birth. As an added bonus we get to work on transitioning her to less fortified formula and (if all goes well) onto a slightly less broken down formula – which is a LOT less expensive. So we will see…..

Go Lucy go!

Photo 1-15-2014, 3 03 29 PM



5 Comments leave one →
  1. Kim Faulkner permalink
    February 23, 2014 11:22 pm

    Pretty incredible to see how much they have changed in just two months! Miss you guys! xo

  2. February 24, 2014 8:30 am

    Great pictures of Talia – she just gets more gorgeous & happy every day. Bring on that tooth! And Lucy….well, she is Miss Dimples, with the big eyes. So glad she’s >10 now! Chris, this is a great commentary on the perils & joys of multiple births.

  3. February 24, 2014 10:45 am

    Ooh I just love that pic of Talia eating Anika’s face 🙂

    • February 24, 2014 11:03 am

      She does that a surprising amount actually…apparently Anika’s face is delicious.

  4. Mike and Linda permalink
    February 24, 2014 10:59 am

    Thanks for the update Christy. The girls are very, very cute. It must have been very scary for you to have Talia so sick. Great blog. Love Mike and Linda

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