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Bathing Suit for Anika

July 14, 2014

When I started making this, I kind of thought it was akin to something like making bagels. You know, one of those things that CAN be done at home, with home equipment, but really…why? You can BUY them so easily. They are everywhere and probably far more work than is necessary, you know?


I was encouraged by my friend Cindy over at Siestas and Sewing….but I still didn’t do anything about it. Then I picked up this pattern from Amy at Peekaboo Pattern Shop, and thought well heck. Why not. Frankly I need the mental exercise more than she specifically NEEDS clothes anyway.


I learned a lot making this. I learned that I really should probably try to find a better repair shop for my serger – I guess my serger just isn’t a very good one, because I’ve had it in to be tuned up and fixed about three times and it STILL isn’t working. (Usually it will work for a project or so when I get it home and then goes totally off the rails again. Wheee.)

In the absence of my serger I used my regular sewing machine, which was fine…but meh. I like more polished seams. I feel like the inside of the bathing suit could look better…but I also know I am the only one that will bug.


And I really love the result. The top is perfect, and (as you can tell from these pictures) it does not budge on her no matter how she moves and plays in the water.

The bottoms I’d like to redraft a little. They are originally designed to be quite high waisted, and I knew that Anika was *not* going to go for that. I ended up chopping about four inches off the top before I sewed the waistband.

I feel like the front of the bottoms is a little wide – the elastic rolls and they bunch a little, and I think I could improve on the fit a bit for my particular brand of kid. But the butt on this pattern is AWESOME. Like the top, it doesn’t move. NO wedgies, no matter how many times she was in and out of the pool.


I think….dare I say it? I think I might actually try this again sometime. It was quick and far easier than I expected. And the result is really satisfying.

So there are your words of wisdom for today. Step outside the box a bit. Live on the edge. Try something new. Make a bagel.






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  1. Hubby permalink
    July 14, 2014 10:44 am

    The bagels would have been just fine if we hadn’t tried to squeeze in that concert during one of the resting periods for the dough 😉

    I have genuinely made the mistake already of thinking this swimsuit was store-bought. (Won’t be the last time.) Good job!

  2. July 14, 2014 3:56 pm

    The swimsuit looks fabulous!!!!! I love the fabrics you used.:) There’s something to be said about going for it and trying something new…and when you knock it out of the ballpark on your first try, you wonder why you didn’t attempt it before!

    • July 17, 2014 10:37 pm

      Thanks Cindy! I couldn’t find the patterns you recommended in Canada….but now that I’ve tried it once I may look again or try to order it or something. LOVE the ones you make!

  3. July 16, 2014 12:10 pm

    I remember the Great Big Bagel incident!! That was too funny… and delicious I’m sure. 😉 Glad this isn’t one of those times. Love the suit!

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